I make terrible distillate....why?


how much carbon would be added per X number of grams?

I’ve got somewhere about 250g of first pass, red, stinky distillate that I’m going to distill again, but it’s such a small amount.

Should I just add like maybe a tsp to it and distill it with carbon in the boiling flask?
I thought carbon, since it’s dust, would end up evaporating with the vapors because it’s so light… I think I had this happen once before but I honestly can’t recall.


Use about 3-5% by weight, so for 250g, 250*.03 is 7.5g of carbon. heat your oil to 80-90C and then pour in your carbon powder bit by bit, folding and mixing it in. some carbon will escape into the air, wear a respirator if you like or just be extra careful. continue mixing for about 15 minutes, or if you have a stirbar, you can just let that mix for you. after 15 minutes, you can take your whole container off heat, let it cool a bit, then mix with ethanol, add 8 parts etoh, so for 250g add about 2L. You could use less, but it will take longer to homogenize. Once homogenized your black (because of the carbon) mixture is ready to be filtered through a media fine enough to capture the carbon, whether you are using DE, celite, a fine frit, or a fine paper filter.


Make sure that you remove the carbon before distiling, because if you have carbon in the boiling flask for your distilation, you will get lots of isomerization, turning your delta9 and cbd into other similar compounds that have different or no effects.


After filtering the carbon out of your ethanol mix and rotoing it down, the oil may appear quite dark. Dont worry, once distillation has removed the last bits of ethanol it should lighten up and you’ll reap the benefits of scrubbing.


Wow, ok, I just realized that’s going to extend what I’m doing now.
I’ve just finished filtering nearly 20L through stage 3…so now I have to roto it, then add carbon and mix at 90C.
Then I have to add another 20L of ethanol, re-filter, re-roto and then distill?? damn.

I gotta get my shit together man


We have been messing around and getting color out of bho in line. That’d make disty a breeze.

Check and see if you can do your scrubbing before getting there


The above teck is sound
Great write up the only thing i want to add is that checking the ph of Any substance to be mixed directly in your oil makes sence
Once You know the acidity of your Carbon
You have a better understanding of consequences
A ph paper IS perfect for dooing this
A shot glas with ethanol and a teaspoon of Carbon Gives a good read
Also When taking out the ethanol after the scrubing When almost al ethanol is removed a Reading off You ph is advised
There must still be Some ethanol/ water in your oil to be able to read the ph
So You know You have a fairly neutral ph oil When starting to distill

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20liters is a shit load of ethanol for 250 grams of oil
What were You dooing ?


Nice write up Could not have done iT better exelent help🙏


sorry that’s two different things I have going on here.

I’ve got one bit of distillate that I distilled out of some already distilled bho…saved a bunch and squeezed out whatever was left (about 240g). That’s what I’m going to double distill right currently…but it’s just too small of an amount to be sticking into my 10L roto and stuff. So I’m basically just going to distill it again.

I already had about 540g of BHO in ethanol in the freezer that I’ve filtered, and used more ethanol to clean out the bho left in my CLS. The 540G was put into about 6L of ethanol. I actually have probably 5 gallons, however many litres that is, so that’s all been filtered. Now I guess I have to roto that, then add the carbon after the ethanol has been removed and repeat that process.

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Another thing
I helped a friend a few days back with his gl fittings for a better vacuum
Could not get iT below 350 micron after the cold trap
Ended up gleuing metal hose pillars on the glaswear
Vacuum droped imeadiatly to 45 microns
IT wont win a beauty contest but iT did get the job done



Now that’s SEXY :+1:

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Wheres my cold trap…


Is that 3/8 ?


Yes the lowest tread is 3/8 size


I’m honestly not sure of my vacuum situation. I have seen it get down to or just below 100 microns, but this doesn’t usually happen until really far along into the distillation.

However, after this thread, I now know that I’ll be taking a lot longer to do things so maybe my next major distillation will turn out far better than the one I started this thread with.


Just went through this whole thread. Glad to hear you got past this hurdle Killavolt. Reminded me of my beginning with a closed loop - one too many times did I think I “finished” and disconnected a -80 dewax or material column to have all my hard work come pouring out uncontrollably :rofl:

I’m about to pickup my first SPD system and been endlessly researching forums and SOP’s. This thread has filled in more knowledge gaps and walked me through the process and potential problems far better than anything I have come across. I look forward to updates and new videos.

Much love and appreciation to everyone that contributed to this thread - this place couldn’t be any better.


I’m going to be doing more cooking videos, and once I get some things caught up I’ll be doing other videos of distills, filtering etc.

Effectively though, I’m basically starting from scratch here, and I mean like complete scratch.
It’s as if I just so happened upon some equipment, and now have to start from the beginning because I’m completely broke, and I’m very much working towards getting into the legal side of market instead of just personal.
I had worked for some people in the past who basically ditched me when their equipment wasn’t capable of putting out the sheer volume of water clear they expected, and further to that they only ever just dumped equipment on me and basically said make it. I had no training or knowledge of anything.

Soooooooo, now I’m pretty much on my own and trying to break into the legal market with things except I just don’t know what I’m doing lol. I’m a hermit.


Really important to let the vacuum pump heat up before starting at least 30 min

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