Hydrocabon vapor assist



How does , those who do. vapor assisting to push any liquid solvent in columns (to further expel your extract from column packed material), result for any of those who use this method of a vapor assist.

For example: utilizing the boiled off solvent (warm/hot vapor) from your extract to recirculate back to the top of the material column to further feed just warm/hot vapor to expel left over extract solution in material column.

  • In this example the closed loop is active, with a MVP.
    +there are 3 columns each holding 3lbs of material. (4"x48") we pack socks.
    +each column is connected to the same collection vessel (16"x48")

    • from the recovery vessel. we redirect the warm/hot vapor right after the recovery pumps outlet & before the condensing coil ( jacketed solvent recovery tank has internal condensing coil), back to the top of the material columns and push further an remaining liquid.
  • also keep in mind a manifold was put together with valve control for the redirected warm/hot vapor pressure pathway. Recovery ports are closed at this time to allow the redirected pathway to be the only way for the pressure to move.
    +the recovery pump is on at the same time to move the pressure…

if any questions to explain further please lmk…


we n2 in the headspace of our hybrid passive systems as a “pusher gas”. It moves the solvent, and blows the column out.


we were using that mthod previously, would you recover the n2 to your recovery tank and bleed it at some point or?..


2 lbs in 4x48 columns ?
Why so litle material can t imagine You still have much solvent left to purge


We recover the n2 gas and dump it at then end of the day. column heat really helps too.


Use keenovo wraps they worked better than when I looped 3 cmepols. Use the first column you run after extraction as heat wrap turn up to 150 and then just jump from column to column. You never have to ad has back and don’t have to burp nitrogen


i meant 3lbs also we pack socks


We have a separate gas tank containing the same solvent we use for extraction (50/25/25). We put that gas tank in a warm water bath (sous vide 115f). We have a 3-way valve on the top of the material tube. Once we are done injecting our cold liquid solvent, we switch to the hot gas. This pushes all re cold solvent stuck in the tubes down into the pot. Recover normally. Just don’t overfill your recovery tank, and remember to add some gas back to your hot gas tanks.


Could pushing warm w higher psi through heat exchanger(dry ice slurry for exchanger) do all this in one?


I nitro assist, passive. I use nitro from a vapor valve to push and start pushing the remainder of solvent out to collection. Then remove nitro vapor from tank, open recovery, using tank vacuum I pull the large remainder of solvent from column while still cold. Then recover. If I end up with too much nitro lefty in my tank, I’ll remove that and continue. Your pump running in closed loop should suck the last of the solvent out and using a vapor bypass from your tank you should be able to get the majority of it out of there.


What’s Nitrogen’s room temp pressure?


Nitrogen is the cheif component of our atmosphere, it behaves similarly to air.


It’s pressure is whatever I set it to be. It’s an inert gas, as a vapor they combine, but upon condensation the hydrocarbon separates and the nitro stays a gas. It doesn’t respond as much with temp pressure as other gasses.


So you just burp it off when your solvent is cold?


You wont be able to condense N2. Yep burping it is key.


Thats what we ended up doing. Got the extra parts and valves to have control of a bypass to the column’s. And have 2 recovery tanks 1 for cold solvent the other to store warm solvent builds pressure and use that as our warm vapor assist. Works like a charm


350~430 bar ~6300psi at 20C


So don t forget to burp and a pressure reliëf valve can do No harm


Use a 1/4 coil before pump before recovery pot with a 3 way valve and put a gauge at the exit end. Put coil in dry ice bath for recovery will take all the strain off pump because no positive pressure in recovery tank best to have RC tank in explosion proof freezer. Make sure your coils doing its job an an dropping psi to 0 on that gauge so that the pump effortlessly dumps into your 0psi RC tank. To do your hot run simply place your chiller coil in hot water bath shut path to RC tank an loop the hot.
Also a couple chiller coils before your columns can replace dry ice jackets on your columns.
If water is iceing an clogging your coils make sure you n2 blast your columns to get all h20 out of material before run. And have proper desiccant beads system that you flush with n2 all the time.
My 2 cents


Does this work as well as adding N2 for you? This has been one of my biggest issues. If I’m going for highest quality sometimes there’s a little oil left in bottom of the tubes.

Maybe it’s my inner Jew. I wanna get all the juice, but have a couple points of quality degradation if I flood extra gas. Or if I let it collect then push through.