Hydrocabon vapor assist



If ur going for highest quality it may always be like this…Ive found there is a happy medium when using more solvent…go fast and cold…a chiller coil and dewax column properly used has got me some extremely pure stuff even pushing a lb extra…bu


summit research has some info in the BHO 101 papers.

says if you put a hose t from top of column to collection pot with ball valves an only open for hot recover to get last out.
says you wont drip B grade solvent into collection chamber iff you have dry ice jacket on column will somehow defy gravity an not drip down an allow you to recover everything. ive yet to try this. the idea is you are recovering from top and bottom without blasting into collection pot.

could put manifold at bottom of column with ball valves going to dif collection pots for your b run.


Tried this w extra tank this past week…worked like charm.

Just talking about hydrocarbon Vapor assist…my feed tank stayed at 0 psi while the numbers went at my normal speed!! It was chilled w dry ice slurry and 70/30…

I was very please but nitrogen is long term answer to keep from the work of putting 20psi in it Everytime


I run a 1lb CLS with inline dewax. How many lbs of N2 would I need for a run? Is it like a 1:1 N2 to Solvent thing? Just trying to figure how much N2 im gonna need to have on hand.


No way your n2 Will or should be vapor at all times iT s yust to push things treu so very little go s a long way
Please watch your gauges Well for No. Cls can handel n2 vapor pressure
Espesialy If You have No pressure relief valves


Hello all, first time poster, long time lingerer !

I use a 300g capacity jacketed tube with 2 filter plates underneath before my valve and my catch chamber as part of my closed loop setup. I filter anywhere between 75 micron down to 5 micron on runs, depending on the occasion.

I have a dual port with pressure gauge at the top of my tube which allows me to hook up my nitrogen to one side and my chilled butane tank to the other.

My question is this - what is a safe pressure to push your nitrogen at?

I use braided presure safe gas hoses throughout my system, and I’ve been pushing up to 40 psi before burping then recovering - sound ok?

Thanks in advance - I’ve learnt so much from this forum already!


15-50 psi


20-30 psi should be sufficiënt for the job
Work in a ventilated area
Remember that once gasses get warmer they expand so pressure rises


i do this method currently with my recovery tank chilled with ice water via freezer tech, and “pre-inject” coils submerged in a DNA/DI slurry… wondering if N2 assist would still be most beneficial…


Always…u can place solvent tank in dry ice slurry, then when temp to slurry, add bump and inject

Yes there are plenty other ways that work…

Just adding back to vapor tank was time consuming for me


I use the vapor port from my fuel tank.


submerged in what?!?

did you want whale sperm with that?


I think the DNA is a bad abbreviation for denatured alcohol.


Hah. Terrible abbreviation, I know… atleast someone figured it out. YES! denatured alcohol/ dry ice. Sorry for the confusion…


This has me going. I’m dead​:joy::joy:


Slightly confused as to using the coil in slurry - before the extraction column yeah?

The best way I’ve found of mimicking a nitrogen push in a basic passive CLS -

run solvent tank down to last 1cm inside - then lock off both solvent tank and valve below extraction column (making sure its cold, unless you use a dewax column also like most people here). Then 26ºC water bath on the solvent tank, and make sure collection chamber is steeped to the neck in dry ice, then pour ISO onto it. Big temperature differential creates the best push/pull mechanism through the loop - fast efficient movement of solvent.

wait until pressure hits 40 psi on the gas chamber, then open both valves simultaneously, nice and slow. pretty much no solvent loss or loss of quality in extract.

Running a coil or 2 pre-extraction column is another option…