How to sugar crystal


My experiment started like the first picture. I left it in the oven for a couple of days then took it out. Since I needed the oven for other things this tray sat on top of the oven. The next time I looked at It I noticed the crystals starting in the thicker parts. Not sure if that is the consistency your looking for.


i personally love that apple sauce consistency. Like i told you just when you made that…

Jar it up and sell it homie. That is probably my favorite form of concentrate…not too seperated! and as you see it came out at 86%. Thats plenty powerful enough for retail. Especially after you know its clean!


It’s definitely the best form it can come! Much easier to size a dab…

And when it crashes it does something to the terpenes idk, the smell changes to me!!! Completely!!!

Nothing better!!! HANDS DOWN!


Yes sir, I cant wait to make some of that, clear. :fire::fire::fire: Yesterday’s Cat lll pass on all of out concentrates was a good way to start the year. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


this is definitely true, I wonder if someone can chime in on what happens at the chemical level here. I notice everything I jar has such a different flavor, it more resembles the plant as it was growing than any form of extract I’ve made. The dabs almost have a cooling sensation from the increased terp content


That has been the responses from the people that have tried the finished product. They say that the Pallet is something like fresh fruit.




turn gravity up!
(use a centrifuge)