How to sugar crystal


I’m looking for tips and tricks and a how to on making sugar crystal in a Pyrex dish. What are your thoughts?
Photo below is what I’m looking for and is one from oleum extracts. Second part of my question is what filtration/extraction techniques are utilized to get this color consistently?
Any and all input is greatly appreciated


editTons post around here…

Easiest way blast cryo cold to get clear sugar w clear golden terps, recover all…take honey purge on -20 room temp to retain terps ,purge 30min just to clean up some solvent out…

Next either seal that Pyrex pan somehow air tight,or scrap and jar In sealed mason jar…

Btw the pan could just be put in cabinet w nothing over and I think will happen ,just the faster it happens the smaller ur sugar…

Wait 2 to 3wks(room temp works just fine but lately I go to 80f for this step)…dont open during this time…ull have residual pressure built it may speed things up

After hit entire contents 70-80f -20 for 24 hrs or however long u please…the harder u pull the more terps u lose…

This tek works everytime

Btw the search bar here is amazing!

***Purge to long and it may be to shatter like to crash…thats why I like quick and short…its still thin enough,enough micro solvent,and tons terps to let crash out


I’m not an expert on making sugar crystals, but I believe the easiest way is to just pour from your extractor into a pyrex and let it sit at 80-115f under no vac for a few days to a week.

To get color like this consistently you need to run high quality, fresh material with cold cold solvent. I would use a mix containing butane, iso-butane, and propane.


Thank you for your help. Going to test this out. Thank you.


What pump are you running that you can run at -20 and not blow it? It seems like my dry scrolls only like full -30 vac if I run partial vac I’ve broke a pump


I’m very confused…the only ones I’ve ever used was cheap orange and blue ones from eBay…
They not the big name brands, cheap vacuum pump…

Get to -20hg …shut pump off isolate chamber or oven,sealing the -20hg inside


Word that’s what I was curious if you were pulling to -20 shutting off the pump and closing the valves to keep it at -20.

I was confused as how gas would be evacuated at -20 if the valves were closed


It goes to head space, you can open and exchange if your doing large scale, but it would have to be really large

This is really just to clean it up enough to scrap it easier, and take out some solvent, the time in jar will Purge the rest and final clean up in end just in case


Word thanks man, you ever use a diamond miner? Gonna be blasting into a mason jar and placing it in my miner tomorrow hopefully to have a successful run!


figured I’d add to this thread with my latest small run experiment…

Material is pretty fresh, cut down a couple weeks ago and just dried in the room it grew in. Material is just trim and popcorn buds.

I blasted as normal using my 1.5" x 6" closed column, soaked for 30 mins as usual in a cooler with regular ice packs. I dumped this directly into a 2oz mason jar. I put the lid on the jar, capped loosely so solvent could escape. Put in a warm water bath (~70-80F) until all visible solvent is gone, and majority of bubbling has stopped. We have a thick oil at this point, such a small amount it barely covered the bottom of the jar.

I had some people coming over for the holidays, so I just capped the jar tight and put it in the oven under heat and no vac with the other jars I have going.

2 days later I checked on it, sugar everywhere! The pics aren’t the greatest, but the amount of sugar sized crystals in here from only 2 days of sitting is insane!


I think I made what your looking for by accident @Killa12345​:joy::joy::joy: . From what I gathered all you have to do is pour it to thick and I’m sure a little extra solvent will help also. I’m not sure f that’s the consistency your looking for. I’m sure if I would have left it longer it would have crystallized more.
It started out like this then I kinda forgot about it.


What solvent do you use? Does it have to be a blend?


No it doesn’t have to be blended… supposedly will get more terps if blended

Just blast cold, let all evap, jar the oil or seal In pyrex pan…2wks later, Clean up at -20 2days low heat to retain terps


Thanks for the reply! I bought a 2 lb best value bi-directional closed loop system after a year of foolishly open blasting. We had the Butane at 20 degrees, material at about 20 F degrees, and the collection chamber in dry ice (no alcohol to make slurry just dry ice). Did a passive recovery and results came out worst then open blast. We did not have the material colum that you can pack dry ice around must have over looked it when ordering. So called them up to purchase it in hopes of having colder material but they sold us on a coil in stainless pot instead and said it is more effective. I assume that goes between the butane and the closed loop system to cool solvent down on way to closed loop material colum. See what happens


Sounds like your way too warm. You need to be much colder than 20f.


On material, solvent or both?


Thanks for input also!
I do not have a chiller or sub zero freezer because but 5K into bidirectional and oven. But if have to how much should I budget for sub zero freezer?


Both but certainly the solvent. I run room temp material all the time. But my solvent is near -55 to -60c to the point my lines show unreadable.

You don’t necessarily need a sub zero freezer.


Any links on how I could achieve those temps I would be more then willing to read! Or. Plus could I just do that with dry ice bath with solvent tank in it? Wouldn’t collection chamber have to be colder also to have less pressure because of cooler temps then the solvent? I know I have collection base in negative pressure but is that enough because I do not leave vac pump connected to collection chamber while BHO is collecting ( think that would be a bad thing)


You don’t need links. Throw your tank in a dry ice slurry with denatured alcohol.