How to put HHC-O onto flowers without solvent?


I am thinking how to put HHC-O onto hemp flower. I am growing Lemon Haze and turn into HHC flower - I always freeze HHC distillate and then crush it and put onto flowers. But now I am wondering how to freeze HHC-O and put it onto flowers. I tried to freeze HHC-O but it is different and I am not able to crush it. Here in central Europe we could not sell THC - it is prohibited, so HHC is the one legal way to sell to people. Thank you for any advice.



What happens to HHC-O Disty when you freeze it?

It is not so hard as HHC distillate and we can not crush it :frowning:

As mentioned elsewhere; you should not be setting acetates on fire…


I want to just freeze to -27C ( -16F ) and then crush it and pour it onto our very beautiful Lemon Haze like we do with normal HHC, any idea ? I have heard one idea to mix 1:1 HHCO : d-Limonen terpen and then put it to spray gun.

Why even bother my friend…
They Dont Want to hear …
They Dont Care…


Then hold it to your head and pull the trigger?

@jan.cechura you are asking how to hurt people.

Stop. Read. Think.

The only way to use the product you’re looking to make is to set it on fire. Which is not a good idea.

…it’s NOT HHC, and your beautiful lemon haze is now poison waiting to be lit.

Just don’t.


The idea is stupid and inresponsible from the get go
And adding those amounts of limonene
Is yust as stupid and ignorant
Do yourself a favor terps how fragrant and tasty are no mothers milk and should be treated with care


Well, I dont want to set acetates on fire - I dont have a heat gun, I have just spray gun for confectioner.

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…and your customers then use the flowers HOW?!?

By setting it the #%#<€%#^ on fire…

Did you bother to read why you don’t want to do that?

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Hhc-o is acetate which shouldn’t be burnt. Everyone answering this thread is competent and insist on the fact that you’ll hurt people this way.

Even I who’s dumb as whatever and know nothing about those cannabinoid can get it… Please don’t hurt people! Hhc isn’t hhc-o!

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OK I see, Keten is the problem. In my country (Czech republic ) a lot of company selling HHC-O flower - so it is very dangerous for smokers ? And what about THCP - it is not acetate right ?


But it may be a full agonist, and is potentially dangerous in its own right. If that’s even what you are being sold

Don’t know what that means?

That’s what the blue text is about. Links to more information.

Eg THCp Synthesis - #27 by moronnabis goes into detail in THCp.