How to infuse flowers with HHC?

Hi, I am a seller from central Europe and I am looking for the best possible method to saturate flowers with HHC cannabinoid. I would like to achieve 15% and 25% content in the flower.

I have 97% distillate available. I suppose I need to dissolve the distillate in a suitable medium, which will later evaporate, and treat the buds individualy with an spray.

Can you advise me on the correct procedure and recommend suitable equipment? I’d be grateful for your advice. Thanks.

My main concern is that the final product is as safe as possible for the user and that ideally the carrier will evaporate from the flower and not affect the burn or taste.

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If you can’t find that information by searching here, you probably shouldn’t bother attempting it.

There are at least a 1/2 dozen threads on the subject.

Hint: you don’t want HHC in your query. It’s irrelevant.


I really tried searching, maybe I don’t know the right keywords.

Can you send me some examples of threads? I’ll be happy to delete my query.

I really don’t want to bother with a recurring question here, but I can’t seem to find existing thready. Thank you.

A spoon for you, a stainless steel mortar and pestel and a freezer. Might have more luck with that info


Same as your title. Without hhc!

WTF were you searching?!?

Edit: If you get your search query from above, you don’t have to dig as far.


I wasn’t using the right keywords. I’m not as stupid as I look, but English is my weak point. Thanks a lot… I’m deleting the thread.

Same sop as embalming fluid + oregano right?


There is no delete thread….

There ARE many threads on spraying flower.

How sure are you you have HHC?

Even one of the standards being sold as such WERE NOT HHC for a bit.

Spraying chemical soup on hemp and selling it as natural flower is immoral.

Are you planning on telling your customers?

You think asking what you used for a query is calling you stupid?

Wrong. Not exploring where/how you missed might be… if you are unwilling to explore how you missed, how do you expect to succeed next time?

“WTF did you search?” was an offer to HELP improve your search queries in general.

In most cases teaching a man to fish beats slapping them up side of the head with a fish, or tossing it in their lap.

You used them in your thread title.
Hint: Generalize…Don’t add “HHC”.

How to infuse flower” ( yep just skip HhC) does yield.

From there you SHOULD notice that SPRAY flower hits better.

So despite finding the practice deplorable, I DID hand you the pieces you needed.

If you’re willing to explore why your queries failed, it’s even possible you’d have more success NEXT time.

Edit: never claimed or meant to imply that you were stupid.
you were probably detecting my distain for the practice…


^^From October 2019^^ they’re still pumping Pennsylvania Treat from the 2019 Hemp harvest. Thank you to whoever dumped that crap in Europe.


@wasa care to comment on the ethics of your endeavor?

Do you have any idea what you have in that distillate?

Because it’s highly unlikely to be

Have you sent what you have out for testing? Or are you taking the sellers word for it?

What does “HHC” mean to you? 9R HHC active vs 9S HHC inactive

Are you aware there are multiple stereoisomers?
Do you know what those are and why it matters?


Easy way freeze crush and dust buds. Messy disgusting way to do many lbs is to spray. Hlvp paint sprayer with large tip compressor and heat gun. I never done this with solvents other than a bit of terps but Id probably use butane if I was going to use a solvent. Get everything good and hot hold the paint sprayer in one hand heat gun in the other pointed directly at sprayer. Micro particles of disti are going to go everywhere so wear a mask and do this outside or in a wide open structure.

Please clarify, because it sounds like your saying add butane to paint sprayer then heat with heat gun heat :fire:


Cuts down on the competition…


thanks for pointing that out definitely don’t use butane and heat. If you add butane the disti will be thin enough to flow without heat.

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With respect, basically all of the “techniques” mentioned here not only create inferior product, but are a serious risk to life for the operator. Considering how many largely unskilled and cognitively as well as morally impaired howler monkeys make up the bulk of people involved in this trade, suggesting the use of any of these methods is bound to generate death and injury.



Have you tried spraying the flowers with HHCP or THCP?

Hhcp 4-6% is needed
Thcp is not so nice on it s own so a mixture of thcp hhcp Hhc gives better results

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thank you very much


do you think it is possible to also freeze and crush HHC-O acetate and put it onto flowers ?

thank you