How to get rid of rubber smell in distillate


How do I remove rubbery smell distillate


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We come across this issue often when beginning SPD operations. It normally comes from improper fractionation, or contamination in the starting material. It can be aided with numerous remediation processes, but you havent given us enough information to really direct you to specifics.

heres a thread about this same issue from last week.

Other than that, make sure to search through the Hash and stuff catagories

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Run a few passes through the shortpath, make sure to cut your fractions cleanly and discard any lower volitiles.


Does hot condenser tek help in this situation as well?


yes, but you will rarely get a 1st pass that smells the same as a 3rd.


If you take it low and slow I’ve found that there is less smell. There are 2 terps with boiling points between thc and cbd/cbn which I think has some of that smell. Or at least I’ve noticed less of it when I do my runs at 175c vapor, not letting it get above 185c at any time.