How to distill solvents

Im a trying to figure out how to distill my solvent (40 butane, 40 isobutane, 20 propane). The label says its 99.97% pure but I heard I need to distill the solvent regardless. I currently have the solvent tank hooked up to my collection pot. The collection pot is in ice water. The collection pot gauge is reading 40 psi. A little bit of solvent has come out but it stopped. What am I doing wrong? Or what else should I do to get more solvent out?

Sorry if this is basic but Im brand new. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Post Some pic s so that we can see Wich lines are connected to what

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thank you. this is the problem. I dont have the right line hooked up

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Concentrate My. Dear watson concentrate :grinning:


Hope You are not using a trs 21 recovery unit it does not like oil

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lol I know right.

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Still isnt working. How do I post pictures on here?

you may want dryice on your collection pot, do you have a recovery pump?


Yes I have a cmep pump. Am I missing something here?

Was your collection pot placed under vac? If so Maybe try using your recovery pump to pull solvent thru the lines into your collection pot

I pulled a vac on my collection pot. The solvent is coming out drop by drop.

Pics You post easyest by phone
Reply right corner You see a line with an arrow on top click on that and go from there

run the pump to move the gas vapor from the collection to the recovery tank. Place the bulk solvnt tank in hot water.

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Start from the top
Temp of butane When administered
Jacketed blast tube?
If so what is in the sleave ?
Any knowlidge of how much butane You filled your blasting tube with (weight scale)
Collection pot at what temp
Recovery line not connected to a diptube port ?
All valves open on the recovery line ?


Hè is Reading 40 psi i collection pot !
Should be enough right ?

It is now starting to come out more. It was just taking forever and this is THE first time Im doing this. Popping the cherry.

Thanks for helping me out!!!

From here I run my recovery pump to my bho solvent tank and I should be able to get rid of the mystery oil correct? I should heat my collection pot correct?

Your on the vapor port of your solvent tank correct ?

So No biomass (cannabis ) in the system ?

Yes I will double check to make sure Im going to my vapor port. No this is a dry run and no material is in the system

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