How to distill solvents



as you boil the gas out of the tank it will begin to freeze, hot water negates this.


Well there i got to be something set wrong
Sight glass on collection pot ?
Is iT boiling bubbels ?


Soxlet is right about that and the ice formed on the outside of collection pot is hard to see so feel iT with your hands




Warm water son


If your gonna use just ice. You need to remove the water and add a shit ton of kosher salt. This is going to be a major pain in the ass with that gas combo and no dry ice.

As others said you need to get your source tank on warm water to prevent that tank from freezing over and then giving you no pressure.

Also hot air rises. Most of your collection tank that is above water will be where your gonna have the issue.


Butane has a boiling temp of -1C meaning Any colder than that and iT Will stay a liquid
Ice water is at around 4C
The evaporation of the butane creates cold or extracts heat
So the pot is most probably already way below 4 C
Making the. Vapor pressure of the butane low
So ollection pot in warm water+_ 37Cor 100 F


The problem is he is using a tri gas blend which has a much lower boiling point.


Ok hold iT how or what are You doing


If You want to recover gas from collection pot to vapor tank by means off temperature diffrance the vapor tank should be in ice and the collection pot in warm water that is beeing kept warm since the boiling solvent Will cool your warm water quit quick


From my eyes. It looks like he is dumping gas from his source tank to his collection tank then he’s gonna distill the gas.

I’ve done this exactly with triblended gas before and Ice. This is a pain. You need to get that collection colder. Much colder. The propane is the culprit of your problem. The only way to get that ice colder is with road salt, table salt, kosher salt.

Even with the source tank on warm water. Your only gonna be able to push so much gas in that tank without properly condensing it. Also. You need to throttle your gas dump so your collection can properly condense the gas.


Now If You still Need
To get You solvent in your collection pot
You got a set back
Then the black hose must be connected to the diptube port on the yellow tank
Place the yellow tank in warm water with closed valves
So pressure in yellow tank rises
After10 min in warm water 45C open liquid valve on yellow tank to get liquid in collection pot
Or empty collection pot pull vacuum and proceed


Is that a pressure release i see on Your collection pot ?
If so at what pressure is
IT set to go off ?
Since You have propane in the mix warm water Will rise your pressure
Quit high so carefull


Yeah I don’t think the pressure release is gonna be a problem if he does this right. The blend he’s using really don’t get above 45-55psi at 75f.

He just needs some dry ice and denature alcohol and this would have been done inside of 20 mins. Sometimes going the cheap way with ice cost more in time then just buying dry ice from the jump.


Calcium chloride ( damprid from hardware store)
And ice cubes create a ice slurry of -40C 40 F
Closser to the temps You need


75F i call cold water i shower in 100F :joy:


try this:
butaine bottle->collection base->cmep->recovery tank.
Place your bottle on hot water, place your receiving tank on dry ice.
Use your pump to drive the vapor off the pot to the revovery tank.


You ever found mistery oil in the type of tank this man has ?
I always thougt iT s only found in lighter fluid can s?


It’s not just the forging oils from the cans but you don’t want the heavier hydrocarbons like penetane and iso-penetane which are certainly in those tanks too