How much should gold disty cost

How much should gold distillate cost I paid 800 for amber …. I think I got ripped because I didn’t know it should be gold

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800 for amber for a person who doesn’t know what they are buying, is a decent price.


Gold vs amber… ive experienced plenty of amber with more minors than gold and decent potency. Depends what youre using it for to really not want amber vs gold. Also ive filled many carts with disty that was fire, looked amber in the jar, but in a cart looked light gold. Regardless of color (obviously not wanting super dark disty) testing will tell you if its worth it or not


800 per what quantity


$800 for a jar of gitchahighjuice thatll getcha high literally 20,000 times. That’s $0.04 per high. I think you got a good deal mate. Color isn’t everything, not by a long shot.

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Strangely enough, that will depend on where you are AND who you know.

Do you expect the price to be the same everywhere in the whirled? (It’s not)

Did you ask your question in a manner that acknowledged that South Africa and South Carolina will have different pricing schemes from Shytown? (Nope. No location stated)

what makes you think you got D9 rather than D8? (It may not be at that price)

Have you had it tested? (cannabis testing chicago - Google Search)

These are ancient numbers, from a different state, but even now, $800liter doesn’t read as natural D9, at noob prices, in Chicago, to me.

Pretty sure you can’t get natural d9 at that price unless you know the guy at the back door in OK.

@Siosis’ current price on D8 liters Price drop! Isolate/distillate derived d8 20KG MOQ starts at $285 doesn’t convince me you managed D9, but I guess it’s possible.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and posit that you also don’t know that CBD can be (and is being) converted into D8 or D9, and that much, if not most, of the distillate you have access to, is in fact a soup of unknowns.

Yes, there are cleanish examples out there, but if you purchased a liter for $800 the probability of you having clean (pesticide free) non-converted material are slim to none imo.

Eg: Delta 8 - Remediation of Unknowns

why? see Cat 3* D9 Pricing


Welcome back Bill-bro


If you paid 800 for amber or gold d8 you got hustled.

If you got hemp derived d9 then you got much less hustled


Yup I’m seeing Hemp d9 conversions for about 1k, and cannabis d9 for 1500

So $800 for conversions d9 is a solid price



…and where is @Justingram88 ?!?

not trying to be an ass here… but your question should be " How much should analysis at a lab cost for my sample of distillate "

the answer to this question should answer all subsequent questions.


…and given @Justingram88 almost certainly has “hemp derived”, said lab test should be from a lab actually capable of identifying the contaminants.

Eg @kcalabs

See Eg: D8 Lab results - Advice?

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Not sure about other states but it’s real difficult to get sample analysis in Washington unless you are a 502…surely a catalyst in the explosion of hemp d9 and other garbage up here.

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I have worked with 2 conversion labs. Best was @7leaf, he can chime in

I think @Justingram88 is in the wind

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It’s d9 and it’s amber but look gold in carts … was gonna spray some edibles to and see what else I could do with it

Idk how to reply but d9 help I believe it’s from canna trim to be honest

They have a lab … or at least he cool with people who have a lab … it’s a cali connect

Please reconsider.

Taste it.

Then ask yourself why anyone would want it on the outside

Unless you have it tested, you have very little idea what you have.


isnt amber color mainly a matter of oxidation?