How many ml is 10% terpenes exactly

I’m need exact measurements in ml for 1 gram of concentrate

Its sort of impossible to add terps to a quantity that small. If you want 10% cut, take 9ml of product and mix it with 1ml of terps.
Or 4.5ml of product and .5ml terps.



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When i make individual carts for taste testing, Ill usually add a single drop/drip of terpenes/dilute. Im a big fan of viscosity so the less the better IMO. Heard the less dilute the faster it burns. At the end like distributor says, its to small to even scale and up to you. Good luck though!

say a gram is about 1 ml , so whats 10% of 1ml?
1x.1= .01 ml with easy maths you can figure out this.


It really is, that’s why I’m wondering why he keepsake asking the same Q. :man_shrugging: what’s this thread #3?

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Just so you know 1ml and 1ml are pretty much interchangeable. a 1 gram cartridge is a 1ml cartridge. they aren’t exact since one is measured by volume and the other by weight, but theyre damn close enough if youre only worried about small increments.

just so you know 1ml and 1 gram are pretty much interchangeable*********

move your decimal point to the left to find 10% of any number

25 = 2.5
33.3 = 3.33
69.33 = 6.93


It depends upon the specific gravity of the terpene or terpene blend you’re using. A ballpark average specific gravity for our terpene strain blends is about 0.855 g/mL. But each terpene strain blend can be quite far from that value, e.g., a range of 0.82xx to 0.86xx g/mL is common. Look at the products’ COAs from the company you’re using for the specific gravity.

To answer your question, to add 10% terps by weight to 1 gram of distillate you need 0.11 grams terps. To convert terp weight (grams) to mL you need to divide the weight by the specific gravity. For example, you would divide 0.11 by the specific gravity of 0.855 to come up with the answer of 0.13 mL (rounded).

However, as others have noted you can’t easily accurately measure that volume, that’s why using weight is easier to measure accurately. Not to mention using weight is more accurate than volume because you’re not converting from weight to volume (taking into account the temperature of the teprenes, which should be 25C for accurate conversion from weight to volume).


I’m I better off just using a pg/vg mixture

:rofl: dude… calculators will solve all you’re problems. 1g = .01g of Terps. 10g = 1g of terps… so on. % by weight is elementary just have an accurate scale for a 1g tester.


Definitely not for the pg, peg, or vg. Also, for those who aren’t yet aware… Viscosity is not 100% terpenes, what it actually is is unknown, but I don’t think I’d recommend serving that up to anyone. Honestly just .1g in a vial that possesses .9g of distillate is pretty accurate. Good luck mixing something so small completely or even getting it to transfer without serious loss. For a single tester cart I’d recommend going over on amounts to account for transfer loss. Maybe .15g of terp and 1.35g of distillate.

Remember to keep everything nice and warm or you’ll quickly find it exceptionally difficult to transfer anything from anywhere.

I don’t know why everyone keeps saying 10% terps in a 1g cart would be .01g. That would be 1% terps. 10/100=.1


it is elementary but often people still make errors on their calculations


1g = .1g of Terps


Are you?
Care to explain why?


Lol decimal points can be a bitch when typing… 0.1 for the record not .01 Haha!

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You can use a pipette…

1x.1 is not 0.01.

1x.1 is .1

Love, Phil