How many mgs of cbd isolate can I add to a 30ml MCT solution before the cbd begins to crystallize?

Hey, how many mgs of cbd isolate can I add to a 30ml MCT solution before the cbd begins to crystallize. I wanted to make 1000mg tinctures but I’m worried it might begin to crystallize. Most companies I see making tinctures are only around 350-600mg leading me to believe anything more & the cbd will begin to crystallize.
Looking forward to hearing what y’all have to say:)
Thank you

Go ahead at 50%cbd things might start to do so
1000mg on 30 ml is so low crystelization is no problem



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i have 1500mg/30ml and it seems to have 0 issue crystallizing

Do you make a thc free tincture ? Or do you add a small amount of thc to it?

we have a full spectrum and an isolate tincture

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Like Rogue said, you won’t see crystallization issues until around 50% concentration… That’s almost 15g of isolate in a 30mL tincture lol.
We do 500mg-2500mg regularly, and have even done 5000mg in a 30mL as a custom SKU. No issues with crystallization.


Done 12000mg in a 30ml a handful of times with no issues.


Thanks for your input. It’s been much appreciated:)

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the input! This forum is the Best with the most helpful people:)


That’s less than 50% if my math is correct. Cbd shouldnt crystallize lower than 50%

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The solubility limit is 50% in pure mct oil, at room temperature.
But it get lower in other oils richer in insaturated fatty acid, like about 30%.


Behold, I have achieved the impossible. I have recrystallized 1g of CBD within 24ml of MCT oil!

This does not seem like it should be happening haha. I think there is something wrong with this “coconut MCT oil” The density is very low, 0.800g/ml What is the density of MCT oil that people are typically using? Could be something with the MCT oil (brand pictured) or perhaps there is something wrong with the CBD? It was given to me by a trusted producer as a free sample, but I didn’t actually test it. However, it sure looks like regular old CBD to me.

FYI: This was recrystallized in less than 15 hrs at room temperature (~65 degrees).

alchemy right there lol, how did you do that?

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Dude, I have no idea what this shit is! Obviously not MCT oil!! I have a hunch it is cut with, or predominately mineral oil? The density of the liquid at room temp is closer to mineral oil than MCT oil. I went ahead and got some MCT oil at the grocery store and confirmed that true MCT oil density is about 0.91g/ml. Also, the CBD stays dissolved in MCT oil. Hah.

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damn that is interesting for sure, i would be contacting that company asap smfh who cuts mct oil? lmfao

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What’s the Function to figure out solubility ?

Is there a formula to figure out solubility for hash oil + mct or coconut oil? I want to cook trim down and add coconut rather than butter. I want the maximum ratio of thc/cbd to mct

Does this change using full spectrum or when adding thc distillate to the function?