Honeycomb tech?

Looking for tips /sop kn making a honeycomb cookie , ie done it once and it was bright and sparkled like the 4th l. But since then I’ve never been able to keeo and make as good of a cookie as that day.

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What are your current sop?

Post pics of what you trying to achieve…

Cookie in my area just budder

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Is this what you going for ? Wet or dry


Like these?


Yes I’m interested, how to make the above?

What’s your starting material

Starting material is cured trim from fire , running around 30 degrees pour out with litted solvent left placed in pyrex and set for 3 hrs and little whip and in oven. Pull vac and drop till i can hold a muffin at -25 and set to 120-125 to bake .

Ends up looking rubbery and soft sticky budder or muffin falls and ends up a shatter in the end

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well best way to make consistent budder is to first make stable shatter. After pick up slab put into ball and start stretching and folding and pulling till the color and opacity changes then return to oven and apply 110f every once in a while pull it out and stretch it all over again. There’s really good set of sop somewhere around here if you search


Playing with temp and certain strains can produce different consistency and the more you stretch it and fuck with it the better it will look

I don’t make crumble with shatter or anything of the sort. I take it from the collection pot and prepare from there. Now, traditionally I have always made crumble with my scrapings, as it was the only part of my concentrate that was agitated. But. Let’s see how it goes making this on demand.

Do your recovery, however you do that, is on you. Washing your material at 30° is too warm. Your solvent should be much colder. By a lot. After you do your pour in a dish, parchment, in a silicone dish. You can recover more because you don’t need a wet pour. A thick gooey one does nice, you’ll be scraping it up anyway.

Having a placemat silicon cooking sheet thing is easiest for the next parts. Have your oven set around 115. You don’t want to go higher, trans carophyllne boils off around 120~. Place on silicon mat and whip with a tool (don’t cut mat) to whip and get it whipping to a non transparency it’ll look fleshy. Set the mat in the oven for a few minutes to off gas. You want it to get out of there and plyable with your hands. Or you can put it in a different oven and pull a small (15-18) vac to get the bulk of gas out. Take out and whip more. If you put it in the warm oven, let it cool down to room temp (70°f~) and whip some more. It should be getting tougher to manipulate. If it’s still sticky and wet. Vac again a little more. Or let it sit in the oven (warm) for a few again. Whichever you want, using vac will take out some terps, tho. Whatever you want. Once you have it to a point where it won’t want to stick to the mat anymore but if you touch it for a few seconds it’ll stick to the glove. That’s about right. Now use your tool or something to whip it until it’s opaque. It should “whiten up” and not have any “muscley” fibers looking left. It will have a shiny sheen to it when using your tool and pull off the mat with a quick tug. Then you can place it on a parchment in the oven. I usually chop it into 3-7g blobs and drop them in there. You should be able to roll them in your hand with gloves, obviously, when you take them to the oven and drop them. If you can’t hold em for a few seconds, then you need more taken out, or they will have larger bubbles and be more brittle to handle like honeycomb. If you want the shortcake texture. Get more gas out and keep whipping it like a crazy person.

Detailed enough?


So you don’t recommend purging in oven as in applying vacuum and removing the residual solvents? Or you expect the whipping and heat to do that and what happens if 1 hour later it’s budder is the butane gone ? Because some strains budder up pretty quick Solvemt gets trapped ?

Hell yes

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I’ve never had a crumble have more than a couple hundred ppm. Nor sure what you are doing different. Yes, I’ll hit it with the vac once or twice to - 15-20psi to remove a bunch. Or you can set it in the oven (warm) for a few just to let it off gas while your are whipping.




i go after this consistency. But if it’s working for you that method that’s awesome I wish I could make budder in 1 day instead of 4

I can make it within a matter of hours after I recover. First tastes before anyone knows it’s ready. Are you taking a purged slab and then manipulating it?


And honestly I can get it to the point of whatever consistency I want. If I want tiny bubbles, big airy ones, solid little shortcake cookies. It’s all in how much you leave in. The wetter it is, the larger bubbles (honeycomb). Keep whipping until it’s really tough and it snaps when you are whipping it, along with being able to manipulate it with your hands (like the rosin ropes people show off) for a minute before getting too sticky, then you’re getting to the shortcake consistency like you have. It’s about knowing your material.


Hey Brother, I know what you’re trying to say, and I’m wondering if you’d be willing to say it using different language.


I strongly apologize for the offensive words. If I did offend people, which I assume I did by getting my comment removed, you should realize that it was a joke, not directed to anyone.
Just stir your extract over low heat several times until it’s thick, you don’t need to vac. Blah blah blah. As soon as there is a breathalyzer on the phones that make it so I can’t drunk write nonsense I will stop, but until then, I was just making a joke. Sorry. Peace.