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I’ve been meaning to start an “in house analytics” thread, but it occurs to me that it doesn’t fit in any of the established categories.

or maybe it does?

I realize a misplaced thread can always be moved after the fact, but I think discussing the need for another category upfront makes at least as much sense.

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I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

You are right, in house testing doesn’t really fit anywhere and would be a good candidate for a new parent category. something like “QA” or “Analytics and Testing”

I’m open to suggestions.

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both of those are better than my suggestion. (title).

there are a couple of “what do these test results mean” posts that wouldn’t be out of place there. but I think you’ve already been moving those into “support”.

Reading test results
What happened here?

I’d argue that my attempt at an “Organoleptics” thread may also belong in there.

Organoleptics: In House QC?

but I get stuck on THC Imposters (Isomers) which belongs in both places (Analytics and Testing vs Distilling)

The forum has a tagging system I have been trying to figure out how to best utilize ex Topics tagged degumming . This would be the logical step - basically require posts in the QA category to have a tag or two.

To start integrating this I changed the categories page so there is a dropdown of available tags.

and changed trust level 2 (is going to be 3) to create a tag, 1 to use it.

so how do I create tags? it seems like Carla managed it on her first day here.

How about enabling 3rd party tagging of posts above a certain trust level?

ie; I just started a new thread, so that I could tag the following

it would have made almost as much sense to just tag the post and point them to a list of posts/ threads with that same tag.

if given as Search results for 'tags:low-thc-distillate' - Future4200 it might even highlight the tagging system for our more advanced readers :slight_smile:

although that “%3A” obsfucates the correct syntax.

When you create a new post it will have you select a tag. When you start typing, if that flag is not found it will ask you if youd like to make one.