Tags: Updated settings to encourage tag use

Spawning from a conversation here: Hash & Stuff: stuff - #7 by sidco

Starting now:
lvl1 - Can use tags
lvl2 - Can create tags
lvl3 - Can edit post titles, categories, and tags

I originally disabled the permission that allows lvl3 and higher to edit the title and tags of other users. This can obviously be abused.

Read: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/6

I am on the fence about that for obvious reasons but I really want to see the tagging system come to fruition. I believe we will need it for the Terps - Future4200 @Future wants me to setup (I have a feeling we’re gonna need a bonafide wiki).

Everyone can see Regular badge on Future4200 - it shows 21 badges handed out but there are only 16 current members since lvl3 is a rank you can lose. It also becomes harder to get the more users and posts and with less participation.

Level 3s now have the ability to clean up the site a bit by changing tags, titles and categories of posts. Their flags also hold more weight.
Because this is a knowledge sharing forum, please do not make any changes unless it is clearly in the wrong category or the title makes no sense.

It would be preferable to PM the OP and suggest a change or flag the post so I can do that.

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I added the Lore tag. Please feel free to add it to any relevant threads, guys!!!