Hash rosin gummies

I hope,I, posting in the right place. Was wondering if has rosin gummies are worth it. With the cost of hash rosin I can imagine the gummies go for quite the buck. I have yet to try some, both from a dispensary and black market. Would love to try both and compare for myself, I’m wondering for those that have tried both are they really worth it or is it a preference thing?

Why would you use expensive hash rosin for edibles?
THC is THC in edibles and that idea is not economical VS distillate.

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Because people pay 40 bucks for a little edible lol. Rosin guys are snobs



Rosin gummys are the shit

We just for done making 710 labs first production batch and man are they good


Cool how much do they cost retail and for how many mg

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Im about to start extracting indoor nug and using membranes to seperate out the cannabinoids and terpenes, the gummys that’ll be made this way will be even better then the rosin gummys and they’ll be strain specific


Not sure what they’re selling them for, ill let you know when I find out

Just because you can, shouldn’t mean you have to. I mean come on man why waste great hash rosin or good rosin into gummies!

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Because 1 gram will make thousands of gummys taste like flower

Its well worth it if you want nug tasting eatables


Are you using rosin and distillate together?
Because 1 gram of rosin cant make 1000s of gummies, but perhaps it can make 1000s tast like flower.


$22 rec for 50mg from happy cabbage lmao. There’s a few traditional market solventless edible makers who seem to do well making cheesecakes and gummies and the like. It’s marketed and sold as a premium product, it makes sense to use premium inputs

Nice I can get behind extracting indoor trim for gummys but indoor nug? Id wanna just smoke it!

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OP is talking about hash rosin, nug runs are on a much lower level than that.

I think the pepsi challenge might go for any oil with native cannabis terpenes being stronger than a raw distillate

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Hate to tell you this, hash rosin is nug run…


I’m not to agreeable on that statement.

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What’s the hash come from?

Trim rosin sucks hairy sack.

Whole plant. can’t call it trim rosin if we don’t trim it


In some edibles I can appreciate the flower flavor, iv mentioned that a few times in the past, but in gummies!


Hash rosin to my definition is spun keef pressed between two rosin plates.

Nug run (rosin) is in my definition as nugs pressed the same way.