Hash Pump Test Results

This is a follow-up to this thread:

Referring to this pump:

If you want to read the blog post, you can do so here:

These tests were time consuming and upset a few folks, including myself, with more to come. However, though, the data doesn’t lie. Overall, for us this was a great learning experience but caught us off guard. Taking the lessons learned will allow us to make a better product and, in this case, even more cost-effective pumps without a loss in performance. What am I talking about? Read the blog.

The cliff notes:

  • Our pump works as expected but there is room for improvement.
  • We botched one of the tests, but such is life.
  • Centrifugal pumps are a liability.

I fell victim to the herd mentality with the centrifugal pump. I blindly believed the rhetoric since there was a patent and some of the other automated hash machine companies use the pump. I even had a conversation with one of the developers of the Bubble Magic clone, where they spoke highly of the pump. Surely it must be an amazing pump? Nope.

I hope you find the data on the Blog useful, and I welcome everyone to validate these claims and expand on the study. Why not just copy the blog post here? Wow, aren’t you lazy…

For the first 20 people who want the V2 hash pump, use code: Bullshit and get a free pump cart with regulator, just add the pump and the cart to your shopping cart. Pumps are delivering in late July, optimistically.