World's First Trichome Pump!

Absolutely. There are definitely many ways to do this.

I personally don’t think this is so complicated. My approach is to take the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to do this and do it at a reasonable cost. Whatever the setup is, the fact that it works does not mean it’s the best option. Workflow and convenience are extremely important. We change designs all the time to account for ergonomics and workflow. Equipment must be easy to use and make the operator’s life easier and more productive. More complex setups may add more time, equipment, and long-term costs. (Not referring to your suggestion, just speaking in general.)

I would not be surprised if the difference in a normal ball and cage pump over our hash pump is under 5%. However, even at 0.5% hash damage, the pump pays itself quickly in a big lab. Savings of 1% may not make sense for a home grower, where you would just opt to purchase the cheapest pump possible. @SubstituteCreature has a system that works for him and many others must have innovative ideas that are cost-effective.

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The microscope stuff is take it or leave it. Sometimes when trying to do counts, there isn’t a great way to do it quickly or even that effective, but its better than nothing and you just have to deal with it and count. There may be some counting software that can help, but because trichome lysis would imply a size change, the particle analysis may yield more compelling results than counting.

As for surface tension, you might be able to ball-park it by pressing your hash into rosin and measuring the surface tension as a bulk oil at 0 C; this may be hard as well because you may be dealing with a glass/solid and not a fluid, so maybe tensile/shear strength may be more appropriate. While the cellular material certainly adds support, the contents themselves certainly add to this.

Altogether, it’s not going to give you any compelling information, THCA+terps don’t have any impressive properties, but as small droplets/particles, these forces are magnified, making them much stronger than you would think.

Many insects have hydrophobic coatings on them because a drop of water to them is like a glob of glue that can suck it in and suffocate them. We don’t think of water like this since we are larger and don’t notice it like this, pretty interesting.

Fantastic reply!

what about a bellows-type pump?

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For reference, I was expecting results more like this:

That’s shredded :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great post. I had a hard time doing the test cause my kids kept eating the damn pearls.

4 Likes you ever get anywhere with testing your AODD vs others for data on trichome babying?


We did. Just did it in another post.

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curious as to what makes this a trichome pump specifically most diaphragm pumps will pass a bobba test its the nature of the pump…

We tried that and it doesn’t quite work that way. You should try that yourself.

we have with many pumps most around 300usd will work not destroying the bobba

Cool. Post it. Let’s see it. We can all benefit from the data.

but again so is there anything else beside this one point that makes the pump 2k more ?

We have this lengthy post about the pump and loads of videos on youtube, and we actually tested the pump by an independent third party and posted the results.

It’s not a $2k pump. Its a 1.5" sanitary pump for $1,350.00

I’m sure your solution works excellent so congrats. However, a $300 pump is unlikely sanitary as most plastic pumps are fiberglass reinforced making them not sanitary. Also, unless you have actually tested your pump with hash, you don’t know how much hash you are losing. Those may be the most expensive $300 you have spent. Some of the other hash machine companies are using an impeller pump that destroyed 29% of the trichomes in our research. They love the pump ironically. Unless you test your equipment how do you know it isn’t destroying your hash? A Boba Ball test makes a great video but is not an apples-to-apples comparison as we learned.

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clearly says at the top in the picture 2400$ but did not click further as yes we have tested well over 30 kinds of these pumps and we love them they were all sanitary and most need to be for our applications ranging from 80-500usd most performed the Exact same with very small variation in actuation and only real difference was how long the diaphragm’s would last. some 3years some we have had 15+years still running in the shop but not the ones you might expect…Pretty much all we do is test designs and applicational development. I mean if you want to send us one we can test it side by side with all the others. So I guess the real question is how long those diaphram’s going to pump for me before we need to replace them?

If you have tested a pump, 30 pumps, post actual test results. Publish a paper, publish a blog post, something. We would all benefit from the data and I personally love to nerd out over this stuff. Simply saying that it works just doesn’t cut it. Data to prove it is key. If it’s a secret then what a shame, our loss. We believe that open source information benefits us all.

If you are happy with the pumps you have congrats. No sense in changing what already works, so kudos to you!

If you want to read our blogs and watch our videos, fantastic. If not, that’s OK as too. People don’t read these days so I can’t blame you. We do have videos if that’s more your thing. I must warn you they are boring AF! and many viewers tell me that my voice puts them to sleep. Go figure!

If you want to purchase a pump, check out the website.

Much appreciate your comments! It bumps up the thread. 206 comments!

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So just to be clear there’s nothing Trichome related and really is just a cash grab for what? the tag of sanitary pump? watched the videos shows exactly what 90% of diaphragm pumps do so I’m at a loss of what makes this a trichome pump… Iv scrolled up and down this post now and cant see you comparing vs any other pumps. not trying to troll was legit interested because of the title but if you can’t explain then it would seem there’s nothing to find here since you can’t answer any simple questions only give give witty retorts. :frowning:

My apologies for the “witty retorts”. Difficult for me to express sentiment over written word.

Instead of explaining the difference between our pump to other normal AODD pumps, we created blog posts and youtube videos. That was my point. Hard to elaborate to each person that asks, so we have content for that. I strongly encourage you to read our posts and watch our videos.

There are subtle but important differences, and we double-checked to prove the claims. It’s a trichome pump because it was designed to pump trichomes without damaging them. The post comparing to other pumps can be found here:

My apologies for my tone, I don’t do it on purpose.

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curious how you came to your results after testing 1 related pump and 1 impeller that’s honestly the laziest testing iv ever heard of with almost no data included… I read over the website lots of missing critical information which is required to make any accurate assumption just further proves my point. The only reason I keep asking is because the information is not provided…

The point of the test was not to test how other pumps did. They were to test our pump and verify that in fact trichomes were not damaged. We proved that. Nonetheless, I encourage everyone to validate our claims. Do not take our word for it. Test your pump, test ours.

You are very skeptical about all this. How about you give me a call and we can discuss it? It’s late, I have a beer to drink and a cigar to smoke. Our number is on the website and you will find I’m a nice guy in real life. Give me a call during the day. More than happy to explain and make the case. I’d love to learn from you and hear your experiences with pumps and hash!