Has anyone ever SPD without dewinterizing, just filtering?

Just curious what would happen if you ran a batch with just filtration has anyone ever tried it?

I’d say you would have a chylorphyl fraction and possibly a huge headache.


yeah I figured it would be a terrible idea lmao, I def know garbage in garbage out. just curious if it had ever been done and what might happen

Yes plenty of times, used to have a client in Canada that refused to winterize.

Worst part, cooked lipids on the inside of the BF can be a bear to remove.

Upside, sometimes a weird azeotrope would form and the distillation would happen at significantly lower temps than normal


wow that was really close to what I was guessing thanks for that ! It might sound crazy I thought it would be possible with properly applied technique, did they filter down to .5 or .2 micron with no winterization, thats what I would have done.

I’ve done wiped film without winterizing. Actually clients have sometimes requested it that way. It can be useful for products that need to stay solid even at a high temperature like moonrocks


I was sure it was def not desirable, but not impossible.


wouldn’t a wiped film be considered to have way more theoretical plates?

I know a few people who first pass without winterizing. Winterize after first pass, then second pass.


Just the one…

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You would end up with distillate with fats In it unless u did the hot condensing method. The distillate will look fine, but with start to precipitate fats when put into the fridge. U can put any distillate in the fridge, and if it gets cloudy on u, it has fats in it


Yeah early on in my research I didn’t winterize. It always required a second pass. Nowadays, with a proper winterization, it only requires one pass. Without winterization expect a lot of ghost, heads and crap to fly through…


It’s really not ideal.

With distillation you want to narrow the bandwidth of extracted plant compounds to limit the compounds which will distill along with the target compounds. This is why wax and lipid removal, along with carbon filtrations, are done.

If you don’t remove the wax and distill, you’ll end up with lipids in your fractions, because under the reduced pressure they will boil along with the cannabinoids. It may look okay at room temperature or higher, but once you cool the product in the fridge the oil will become opaque and cloudy from the lipids.


i did it like this for a while before i went to cryo extractions, this method will work. by winterizing distillate you have to go through less volume than you would with crude winterization ultimately itll Give you more room in your freezers.

biggest downside imo, was the the burnt liqids that would end up in your boiling flask, litterally had to break it into tiny enough chunks to pour out the the flask, total pain in the ass.


You cryogenically extract then no winterize and then spd

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yeah now i do, im working with hemp though, specifically for isolate production.

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Can I have your mother liqour when you get done


haha we can work something out, DM me if your serious

Yes, instead do a water wash. It’s actually more effective to clarity.