Has anyone distilled RSO?

My question is, once i have my RSO from evaporatitng the Ethanol, can i do a fractional distillation ? to obtain heads body and tails? such as what can be done when extracting with BHO, eg: obtain a distill with high ammount of CBD but lower ammounts of other cannabinoids?
hopefuly this doesnt sound stupid :confused:

Damn son, you really need to hit the search bar.

RSO is what people put in their fractional distillation apparatuses (apparati?)

Make sure it is fully decarbed or you’re gonna have a bad time.


iv seen diferent names for the extract depending on the solvent that why im asking (better to be sure), srry btw im new on the forum so im learning how tall this works.

You’re good, everyone gets one “spoon” as we call it around here.

RSO is the common term for a crude extract that has been purged of solvent and decarboxylated. This is the typical feed stock for distillation.


Yes, RSO is not only a decent, but also a common feedstock for cannabinoid distillation.

No, you will not be able to fractionally distill cannabinoids from each other.

Chances are you’re also missing the correct equipment for cannabinoid distillation.

See: I make terrible distillate....why?

Edit: Look what I ran across today; free spoon!!!


I asked the same question just in different words.