RSO as a cude oil for disty?


Would you reccomend trying to make distilate with RSO as your crude oil?

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Are you talking old school? ie made with naphtha? Or just poorly made etoh crude?

I’ve not done it, but would assume that if it’s above 50% cannabinoids it should scrub up just fine.

I’ve seen “RSO” at 19%. Best guess is it was made from post extraction biomass, because even leaf will yield 45-50% in my hands.



I’m talking with a 4 min whole leaf quick wash using food grade 190 proof ethanol.



That should work beautifully



extracted at room temp?

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was considering a dry ice wash to pull out more.



PEBM is gross for RSO imho. RSO should be made with fresh or nicely cures and dried medium tier to high tier cannabis to be effective.



Do you pull out more cannabinoids at a lower temp? We do EtOH industrial hemp extraction at the place I work. We just got analysis back from material ran with dry ice, and material ran room temp. I cant remember the exact numbers off the top of my head but they reported there was less residual cannabinoids left in the room temp extraction waste material. I am worried that they used material from two separate bags from the same farm (the quality can vary greatly) so our results may be a false positive. We have been doing the extraction at around -40 to minimize the amount of fats and chlorophyll picked up but they are thinking about just doing room temp extracts and winterizing after the fact to save on dry ice costs. Is this a bad idea? Is color remediation necessary if the product is only going to distillate?



no. you do not pull our more cannabinoids at lower temps.
the cannabinoids you pull out are more pure (have less other stuff you pulled with them).

it is a balancing game. you need to figure out where your balance point is. input potency, labor costs, choice of consumables, time, and the price of electrickery in your neck of the woods all make a difference in what makes most sense in your locale…as of course does your targeted end point.

the right answer is also a moving target. the market is young, and the rules are inconsistent. what makes good economic sense today may not tomorrow. there are folks out there aiming to make everything most of us have done economically non-viable simply by scaling



Is there any downside to putting darker crude into wiped distillation? Does it just gunk up the glass? Does the distillate come out darker? I guess what I am asking is what are the benefits of color remediation. Just trying to figure out if its logical to go through those steps to just distill out the CBD at the end. Thank-you for sharing your knowledge :v:

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