Has anybody here ordered from Terry from lanphan?


i bought from this company before , spd will leak ,rotovap will leak ,but if you replace seals on roto then it should be ok .as spd goes i went and got rocco glass ,it was pain in neck to try make anything on china glass ,too many leaks .
so if you buy only roto ,then you should be ok after you replace seals , as chiller goes ,i wouldn’t buy from china ,too weak and breaks very often ,good luck to get replace even under warranty .
But they will ship product ,no play here .In my experience ,they always ship.

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This not the thread?



@anon60420198 I ordered a vacuum take off and a cold trap on feb 10th they shipped on the 17th and I received my vacuum take off on Friday and my cold trap on Monday



Great business with Terry, just got a 50L roto in and looks to be in excellent condition, have yet to run it yet but communication has been great!



Hopefully it stays that way

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I totally agree. I feel like he is legit. He may have communication barriers and time zone differences. But I think he’s trying to do his best.



A buddy on here has his 20l or 50l rotovap. A few parts came in broke, iirc he did send out replacement parts.



If there is something broken, we could supply warranty
So do not worry and my after sale service is good



have you taken care of this thread…

I see where you say aftersales support is good…



The buyer says your company specifically. Maybe you should reach out to him since your here and you see this person has an issue.

Be proactive rather reactive!



i understand it. But your customers production is suffering while you redesign it. Is your customer just suppose to wait? Why cant you send the old design to temporarily solve the problem?



Same ol “Terry”



Hi Im Derek aka Dw extracts. You statement is misinformed, nobody snitched on Terry if you’d like to see a copy of the conversation I can send you copy. Terry put a post up in here offering a discount to everyone, when I contacted looking to avail of said offer he couldn’t facilitate and got quite nasty about me referring to his future4200 post and also him claiming to be the “manager” of Lanphan Industry. He told me to never refer to it again. I contacted my sales rep in Lanphan to ask who the he was , so no one snitched on Terry, Terry hung himself…

With regards the equipment they sell at reduced prices so far Iv purchased a lot of items the incident you mentioned was actually there neutch vac filter they advertise as being high quality filter un it, came with the filter plate warped, theres no retention clip or plate so it does not filter efficiently, the vacuum port/tap broke, the discharge tap leaked air, we offered to pay beaker and wrench for a proper ptfe tap made and send them a copy to have made them made up for that model filter Lanphan advised us to hold off. So 4 weeks later we get a new tap guess what? it won’t hold vacuum, wet had to have it modified locally.
I bought a brand new rotovap, chiller and a diaphragm pump that they recommended for that model roto, the pump won’t pull down past negative 15 inchHG. The roto had a cracked condenser on arrival, they forgot to enclose the non return valve to ensure continues use we have to break vac and re vac every time we want to entry flask, the valve arrived yesterday over a month after buying the package. Its ok for large operations who can absorb the losses or suppliers buying bulk units off them at say 200 bucks selling for $1200. The down time when your a start up in Ireland is the difference between survival and going hungry, if you’d spent over $13,000 of your life savings on equipment friom one company you were assured was sound and 80% of it was problematic and weeks late you’d have a different outlook im sure.

Im still in communication with them and may or may not buy from therm again thats my business not yours, but what buying from them represents is being penny wise pound foolish…



I actually just had the Lanphan reps at my lab. They’re nice people. I taught them alot about extraction, liquid liquid separation, and crystallization.

I’ve had good and bad experiences with there equipment.

My glass reactors jacket wouldnt seal because of the washers they sent me, I ended up having to make my own out if steel because theres were plastic and would break when clamped down.

My electric roto baths lift buttons malfunctioned the first month I got it, they sent me new buttons but it was too hard to replace them so I just dealt with it.

I’ve had no problems with there chillers or heated oil baths.

They made a comment about wanting to make me a supplier of theres since I knew so much, kinda sounds like that might not be a bad idea.



Thats great to see bro im very glad to see there investing the time visiting proper labs it will benefit there business and customers in the long run.

just to clarify, none of my comments above are meant to be of personal nature, this is business nothing more, iv the upmost respect for the owners Im still friendly with there staff and with Ms Yang on social media. Iv no doubt il buy from them again but with better foresight. The main reason for my comment is to clear up the Terry snitch gate allegation lol

I think an agency is a great idea why not, there heater baths are selling fast for $1200 in US lab suppliers we buy for around 300 plus tax. The Chinese are wonderful with the tax end they help reduce our tax liability by reducing the shipping declaration amount, we pay 30% import tax it stings on large orders, none of the US based companies said they could facilitate the same when asked. Theres no agreement or shared date between our country US treasury or Chinas or any other country, the tax is assessed on docket value. We have plenty grow shop here I thought about doing same but the demands just not there yet for extraction equipment.

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Thanks for your review and I didn’t mean to sound like an asshole. It was very odd how @BromaW-Manager handled the whole “don’t tell anyone who I am on this website” business. Which in reality no one on this board gives a shit about lanphan internal crap or their own internal politics lol.

I’ve been on the fence about that bigass buchner filter they have but without an internal clamping or paper securing mechanism it doesn’t seem all that useful. I’ve told Terry that filter needs work and he said he was going to offer custom made stuff but I haven’t seen any fabric heating Mantle’s like the glascol units. I haven’t seen any 12" spool type buchner filters, or nuetsche filter weight rings or anything i mentioned they should offer. They are just now getting onto the centrifuge game but they look like badly appointed cheaper peony units. No cooling jackets or sleeves. I saw they had a top discharge unit on IG. Lol



No probs at all bro no offence taken I just wanted to clear up any confusion., Ah yes the bane off my filter haha, its tragic there awful at first when they could be so effective with two very cheap parts totalling $50 tops. I overcame the air leak on the discharge tap by putting a $5 inline tap just after the main one, now the main one is left open use the inline to drain. The plate problem we used a piece of Flexi pipe to try retain the filter paper it works very efficiently now, were getting a retention plate made locally for about 30-40 bucks and thats it fully fixed, now it represents value for money but its taken three months to sort out.



Last year I provided discount price with everyone and this is why I do not want to let people to know I am here.

You could contact me or browse my company website and send your inquiry. It is fine, sir.




Dear sir, could u tell me what "terry hung himself " means?

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Been looking at ordering a 10L spd. Does anyone have experience with their glass? Does it hold vacuum well? Also how are their mantles and pumps?