Has anybody here ordered from Terry from lanphan?


Thanks for that tip. I think I’ll go the PP route. These service times and fees for WU are a bit ridiculous. Plus all I got was a name and address with no banking info that WU is requesting, so… :man_shrugging:


i bought from this company before , spd will leak ,rotovap will leak ,but if you replace seals on roto then it should be ok .as spd goes i went and got rocco glass ,it was pain in neck to try make anything on china glass ,too many leaks .
so if you buy only roto ,then you should be ok after you replace seals , as chiller goes ,i wouldn’t buy from china ,too weak and breaks very often ,good luck to get replace even under warranty .
But they will ship product ,no play here .In my experience ,they always ship.


my wechat id is : Ljy596