Has anybody here ordered from Terry from lanphan?

Has anybody here ordered from terry-lu?
How did shipping times look?
Overall experience?

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Don’t expect any thing from China till March.


Why’s that?

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Chinese New Year.


I am working with them at the moment. Whatcha want to know?

I put in an order for a mantle and a couple smalls bits and pieces. Just was curious on peoples experience with them I guess. What u planning on getting from him. Just asked about rotovaps

Well shit lol

Do you have any experience with their rotos?

@anon60420198 So far so good, my experience has been ok. Their prices are really good.

Started the process at the end of december, they are pretty responsive via WeChat.

Currently getting a 50 L rotovap with two 20 L receivers (this allow you to empty the ethanol without breaking Vacuum) and double column, chiller unit and pump. $12,000

They ship via Air, take about 7 days, once last payment is received.

Is thru Alibaba Marketplace. Alibaba was a small pain because we were not able to use a credit card.
We opted for Wire transfer ($25 fee).
Payment 1 was half the money and then when the build was done transferred the other half.

I was able in that time to verify Checking and sent fund via e-checking (no fees).

The machine is built and read to go, just waiting on me to receive it at the end of the month. I know that have no mod rotovap ready to go today, but I had the 2 receiver customization.

Overall, good impression, can’t wait till I get it and put together and run.

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You can also pay him via PayPal if you press him. I did. I paid the fee though for him

What is his WeChat info?

Did he send you a tracking #?

I’ve only heard of one negative experience from @Terry_Manager which was on Instagram I believe a guy had a rotovap did it had a bad seal as far as I was aware lanphan was making him a custom seal or something to fix his problem. It appeared as though lanphan was going above and beyond to help

I would do whatever I could to get out of paying with Alibaba that site is the fucking worst and their payment sucks balls.

Interestingly enough it’s the same guy that snitched on Terry about the discount here


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Ordering now and paying through Western Union. I’m always sketched out using a payment service where I have zero recourse, but he messaged me through here to continue the conversation on his Instagram which looks legit, and his email has the @lanphan.com domain name. So, fingers crossed. I’ll be sure to leave a more formal review once I receive the 5L rotovap I’m ordering from them. The price was damn good, but not “too good to be true”, if that makes sense.

He’s legit don’t stress.


Thanks for that. Haha, I literally had a sigh of relief when I saw that notification while creating a Western Union account right now.

If you hold firm on using PayPal he will accept it

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Just to throw my 2cents I ordered 200 carts from Alibaba about a month ago. The order was delayed because of Chinese new year but I have a tracking number and my carts will be here tomorrow! Good luck!


Thanks for that tip. I think I’ll go the PP route. These service times and fees for WU are a bit ridiculous. Plus all I got was a name and address with no banking info that WU is requesting, so… :man_shrugging: