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I just forwarded lab society the updated email list. Suppose I should of first asked, have you gotten your login information for the turf site?


Just an FYI, we are currently accepting credit/debit payments via our Shopify acct, which can be found at The GLG Website

As @sidco mentioned, we are about to roll out a major update for both ends of the GLG sites, plus I have some big new affiliated companies joining as we speak.

Finally, Lab Coats (the right size, color, all the other random variables solved) have been ordered and are on their way to the embroiderer as we speak. Annual members keep an eye out for an email confirming your details soon, lifetime members your coats are first in line. If you are a lifetime member and haven’t received an email to verify your details, shoot me an email


Awesome stoked on my lab coat, ive been a lifttime member for awhile. I cant seem to find this other login to the private forum though. Please help me out bro!:slight_smile:


What is your email, sir? I seem to have misplaced it. :slight_smile:


So inevitably The Forum is going to become private paid Members Only for essentially what we have for free right now.not to mention they will have all your info! How are you guys buying into this.? Have fun with your merit badge system I’m out.


I have not gotten a log in


Been asking when the BHO tek is coming, for a hot minute now… Any hope that those promises will be made good?


No the forum is and always will be free. The GLG section is for announcing private gang events and news, theres like 4 posts in there. Go ahead and hit up any of the other free hash forums out there.



There’s THCa Crystallization Tek, which covers standard BHO practices in the first part. I can separate the two for you if you need? The issue with a detailed BHO SOP is the variables that exist with every CLS. What system are you using?


Oh I see, you started trolling other threads, got called on it and got your feelings hurt. Thanks for seeing yourself out :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


We will be using a Precision PX1. I can potentially see where you’re coming from with the different systems, but theres no oven tek, no post processing tek or even packaging tek etc etc. It’s advertised “good hash”, and you had an IG story that specifically labeled BHO tek and sops. We’re more than capable or creating the SOPs ourselves, and have, but we bought into this specifically for BHO practices, and to learn and compare. I’ve been vocal about that a few times now but keep reaching this spot, or where you say you’ll “prioritize”. If we were in the distillation game the value would be great, but we’re not, and our membership days are limited. No sweat if no other sops will be added, but continuing to label it “good hash” is deceiving when all but 1 principle and sop is related to solely distillate.


I would argue that it’s all post processing Tek, but I see where you are coming from. I admit that I haven’t been as committed to SOPs for procedures that aren’t very favorable in the markets anymore, thus procedures I don’t spend much time with or come across often, like water hash or bho slabs.

What do you mean by packaging Tek?


I took some time to figure out my best course of action to provide the SOPs you requested, and thought to myself “Who would I point someone to if they were looking to make shatter”

Murphy Murri came to mind, she does a lot of work with ETS afa training and SOPs go. So for a very reasonable rate she has agreed to write SOPs that I personally don’t have enough experience with, including, to start with, butane extraction for shatter, and vacuum oven operation and maintenance. I’m planning on contracting her for budder/sugar was as well.

I’d consider adding sieve hash, water or dry, if there’s enough interest, and I suppose rosin as well…

Give me some more details on what you mean by packaging and I’ll look into that as well


Awesome start! Appreciate you making some
Traction here, hope it turns into results soon! My mention of packaging was more directed to the value if sops were available for all aspects of the industry. I was thinking/hoping the GLG would turn into a space where sops could be more readily accessed. Since the forum is great for finding and posting information via threads (and free), I was thinking/hoping the GLG was more specifically for professional and usable sops. The discounts are great if one needs equipment at the time, but the access to sops is the advertisement that caught my attention. Haven’t been much added for awhile now.


New SOP added to the turf “v1.0 Butane Extracted Shatter” provided by @murphymurri


Greetz from Canada! :maple_leaf:

I could not pass up joining the GLG on the morning that Canada legalized Cannabis lol



cheers ya’ hosers! :clinking_glasses: :grin:


Thanks for the introduction Future - I’ve been doing cool things with closed loops for a while now and am happy to answer any questions you guys might have regarding this basic SOP, or hydrocarbon extraction in general. Just tag me or message me. I’m here to help!


FYI people, @murphymurri is my consultant of choice for all things hydrocarbon extraction