Good Life Gang


Im really glad that ive been able to be apart of thus group of individuals. Never take life for granted, always consider the unexpected.:pray:


Can we get our access to the private forum as well please?

Thank you


Hey! Dug into the tech - stoked! Let me know if anything else is required from me to get the flair/forum access hooked up.



Could a homie also get the hook? Good look.


Hey, would love flair and access. Thanks!


Me too please!


Same over Here. Thanks !



How do I log I to my glg account?


requesting flair and access please!


Flair me bro insert flying can of bush lite here


I’ll shoot it over to you


Do you accept CLAM as a cryptocurrency payment trying to get my GANG on


Just joined GLG! When will I be able to access the sops and private forums?




For everyone looking to get access - please see:

You need to go to the category tab at the top of the page and request access in the GLG section.


New GLG system coming very soon which will help move along user registrations!


Hello Future,
I just found this site and am surprised at the attitude of this community, seems really science minded and supportive. I am wondering whether to join for a year or just get the lifetime membership. Are there any differences between the perks of the 2 plans? As a member, can more in depth questions be asked about articles such as your Pest Tek in ARCON (e.g. Did pH washes w/o chromatography reduce myclobutanil concentration?). I am a trained chemist with access to fairly advanced equipment and can hopefully be of use in scientific/chemical discussions on this site.



hey guys paid for my membership about 7 days ago im trying to buy some stuff from lab society and need to know what I need to give them for the discount


On 4/20 each year the gang membership cost will double. Each reset opens 100 more lifetime membership spots. So the difference between the two is really how much money you want to save in the long run. Keep in mind if you buy an annual, the cost to upgrade to lifetime is just the difference between the two. (Buy a 250, pay 750 to upgrade this side of 4/20, 1750 the other side if your annual is still active)

You can always ask more in depth questions, I just ask that you do it on the pesticide thread