Good Life Gang


Aloha gang, looking forward to the good life. I paid with btc about ten days ago. Still waiting on a confirmation email. Want to know that went where it was supposed to.


@Future @sidco


Have you made any progress with the credit/debit payments yet? Or any other options beside what’s on the payment website? If you could let me know before Monday that would be great. I’m impatient and would like gang access now… But if not Monday is right around the corner and I’ll send the wire when the banks open. Thanks bro and I’m looking forward to the perks of membership!!


I was given access to the SOPs as part of my membership, but not the private forum area mentioned in the top post. What do I need to do? Also, are the black lab coats already shipping?



No, I went further in the wrong direction. Banks wires are off the table until I can get us a bank again.


you ever think about going this route?


I guess that’s why my wire transfer got kicked back to my acct. So I guess a check would be the only other option? I haven’t had checks in years but I guess I could get one from my bank if that’s my only option


A cashiers check is cool, or a money order, which can be acquired from the post office


Does the $250/2 year membership offer still stand? Also, I didn’t see a reply to Puccinia’s question. I want to make sure that I’ll be able to access both the SOP’s and the private forum area :slight_smile:


No we rolled over the first 100 BOGO a few weeks ago. Notice how puccinia now has the GLG flair on his avatar? That was me giving him access to the private forum section. Lab coats are in the works right now, getting the lifetime member coats embroidered currently


Do we have access to the private forum ?


Any BHO tek in the works?


You do now.


Other than the crystal production? I could put up some general Tek, but each machine is going to be slightly different


When we originally signed up, it was due to advertisement of BHO sops, oven tek sops, etc…

We were hoping for sops for sugar, shatter, wax and the like. Temps and times for ovens, vacuum use, any standard process that we can use and manipulate would be great! Similar to the disty SOPs.

Or maybe it’s advertised and exclusive to distillate operators…?




On it :call_me_hand:t3:


Niiiice. Thank you!


Can we get our access to the private forum as well please?


Hey gang! Glad to be in! Is there access to the glg private info on here yet?