Good Life Gang


im in!!


Appreciate you making this right. Not just talking. Think having a dedicated sop portal would be a HUGE value to people like me. Looking forward to viewing the new sops!!


GLG is 100% satisfaction guarantee. It was either make it right or give you your money back. I went with the more expensive route and paid an expert to provide SOPs for the whole gang.

When you say SOP portal, you mean other than the current repository at the turf site?


I just signed up for Lifetime in the Good Life Gang. Love everything it stands for.

Can you please confirm payment was received when you get some time . Looking forward to learning and sharing. Working on 2 licensed locations and this site has saved me thousands!!! Just wish I found it a year sooner and I would of saved even more, not too mention the discounts on gear I would of received.

Knowledge is power and friends are priceless…



I just filled out info for GLG but did not receive a payment link for the annual payment on shopify?


Hey I was looking into the GLG website.
Been thinking about signing up as I love good food, good hash and good people
When I click on the portal it says page not found. Curious how to sign up


So you were not ablw to pay?


Hmm looks like there was an issue with the update @sidco


I clicked the Shopify option but it did not pull up a section for payment.


Here’s a temporary Link to the Shopify so you guys can sign up until @sidco gets the website fixed


Thanks I just paid


Just tried to pay through the link, just letting you know that It won’t process the order, says to contact the site owner.


I paid for access and have a receipt but I can’t get there but I need access to the SOP’s ASAP this week. I am trying to get a license for a facility and need to turn in General SOP’s please help!


shoot me a DM