GIve a small-scale cart filling setup for around 1500 USD

Hey all, excuse my bad english, first time posting on this forum, although ive been lurking on and off for a few months.

I live in a country in europe where carts are a grey area ATM. Ive been making a good bit of money selling a small number of carts, around 20-50 a week.

However with the ghetto ass method im using its an absolute pain and takes hours. I have a small amount of capital, roughly 1000-2000 USD, to invest into some proper lab-grade equipment.

As of late ive been using an analog hot plate with stirrer and filling 10ml syringes with preterp to make carts, which is a pain as soon as you get into double-digits and is a great way to develop carpal tunnel syndrome :sweat_smile:


GIve me a list of equipment for taking raw distillate and making it into a sealed, vapable and most importantly great tasting cart.

  • Must only include machinery (Consumables: empty carts, jars, etc. are not to be included in the final price, although if there is any non-standard equipment then please mention it)

  • Total main equipment cost must be under 1500 USD. Preferably 1000USD but I understand that you get what you pay for.

  • I prioritise quality over quantity. Final carts are to be distillate and terps only. Cart flavor is very high priority as there as customers really want their vapes to taste like their fruity nicotine disposables.

Can throw a few peanuts (10-20 USD of bitcoin) to whoever is the most useful in terms of going through the basics of what equipment to purchase and the exact method they use. Least I can do.

Looking forward to replies!

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Dude, Save your money and get a cart farmer 1000. if you can make coffee then you dont need the help your asking for, you already know how, you just need the rite equipment to fill the carts

No go forth and make carts!

Good luck


I did a bit of basic research and I understand I will need at the minimum level:

  1. A homogenizer to properly mix distillate with terps for max flavor potential
  2. A digital hotplate stirrer
  3. A cart filler, something like a cart farmer to keep distillate warm and to fill lots of carts quick.

The first two are easily obtainable from Chinese vendors. I’d second a cart farmer for the filling part.


Youre probobly looking for something like this.

Which is an old post and likely not available but doesnt hurt to ask.

KF1000 w stand $850
CAT Scientific X120 Handheld Homogenizer Drive $930

Which breaks your budget buying new so look for used.


Im down the street from ruby as we speak and garuntee you he’ll sell the full kit and even ship it internationally (the used listing @sidco posted)

The homogenizer would be ridiculously cheap for him in Europe brand new though


any recommendations for a budget homogenizer? Prefer a recommendation over chinese roulette on alibaba :joy:

for example, something like this? About 500-600 dollars in total

25-50 carts a week? hot water bath, 1mL syringes, and needle tips off amazon. You can easily fill 100 an hour like this. and it would cost like $50.

$1000 seems like a lot of money to fill 25-50 carts a week, but thats just me.


If I were looking to pick up something like that, after a quick 5 minutes of searching this is probably the one I’d take a chance on.

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Yea i agree. I own a homogenizer and have never used it for making carts. Typically with a handheld syringe you can give the solution a mix with the tip of your needle before drawing up the solution. Creating a homogenous solution between an oil and a solvent is pretty easy. Makes me wonder if you guys are using water based flavorings or something :thinking:


Just grab an Allflex 25ml syringe($80), ss luer lock needle set($20), ir temp gun($30), and use your oven to maintain heat on both the gun and the material. Most ovens can be set as low as 170°F and that’ll get you by.

Use a jar with a little headspace, and shake that thing until you can no longer see turbulence anywhere in the jar from any angle when backlit and you’ll be fine there.

You could get yourself a magnetic stirrer/hotplate($30/$150) to do the mixing on, but you want to keep the jar closed to prevent unnecessary oxidation.

The benefit of the syringe is going to be the metered filling. That will hold you over for a long time for under $200.

Wear gloves, 170°F gets hot.

Yeah man, I would never even use a homogenizer on a batch smaller than like 500grams either.
batches of 25-50 carts can be easily mixed with heat and a dab tool and then put into carts in like 30 minutes lol.
But that’s just me :man_shrugging:t2:


This this this

A filler for 50 carts a week?!

A homogenizer for 50 carts a week?

Crazy talk


The whole thread seems like a shill post for cart farm


Oh come on man, you think @qma would pay pay people to shill for his products?

In what world would a man with so much business bother with something like that?

You sound crazy dude.

Plus: What kinda ding dong would stoop so low to accept payment to do something so lame and grimey?


Skilogex d160 (i think its called)

Yhey used to be like 300 with shaft and 4-500 with stand. You do not need a stand as they are handheld. The stand is really useful for cart farmers, however

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Bingo, this looks like an off brand skilogex

Your scale is tiny.

The entire cannabis industry is an elaborate cart farm advertisement

Why would I pay someone to advertise when they do it for free? I make your monthly or bi monthly salary every day bro, and I still wouldnt spend a penny on ads. Why do that when I can get it for free?

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Hey man I agree, @Apothecary36 sounds like some weird jealous chad or something.

Just use a magnetic stirrer, homogenizer is way overkill at that scale. Cf50s are nice for small scale cart filling but that might even be overkill if your just doing 20-50 carts a week. Whenever I’m filling 20ml or less I just use a mag stirrer, glass syringe and heat tape with a temperature controller (from cart farm or elsewhere.)