Cart Farm Full 1000 shot setup + Homogenizer CAT X1000 Homogenizer

Pending sale for entire lot 3/16/2021 7pm ********************

I have cart Farm’s setup and exiting the business as I’m moving to on to green pastures.

(1) CF 1000 Reservoir (holds 1 liter)
-(1) HSW Unimatic → syringe for shoot “CBD” into C-cells or ceramics
-3 heating elements : (1) CF 1000 Reservoir heating element with digital control gauge
(1) for the hose for the “CBD” that is piped into HSW unimatic syringe (1) original cart farm hose/Reservoir wrap
-(1) heavy duty scale measures to 0.1g up to 30,000 g
-(1) stand for the Reservoir assembly and pieces with heavy duty bracket
-(1) homogenizer CAT20 with shaft , (4) of washers, springs , o ring
-(1) homogenizer shaft official Cat Scientific with drill bits
-(3) glass syringes for terpens
-(24) different size needles depending (use to have extras)

I’ve done runs with as little as 100 carts to as many 950 carts. Always run clean CAT3 tested only product throughout the life of this setup.

Will ship anywhere within the continental US.

looking to sell the entire setup for $3000 (price includes shipping via UPS)

Will add photos later if there’s interest in subsequent parts.


PM’d you

Pending sale for entire lot 3/16/2021 7pm ********************

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I’ll take the thing if it falls through

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for ask?

Retracted interest in product. Wants to make money on it since is out of stock.


Weasel fucking move for a few hundred bucks. Especially since will have stock shortly. Lol

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Try a thousand and some change. Also stated while supporting this tax that it’s because he claims knows cart farm won’t have stock for 2-3 months.


Definitely seems kind of slimy but hell yesterday I was talking about sucking some dick for a unimatic


I got my hands on one :raised_hands: but now need all the other things I need the @qma post where he showed what is needed and where to get it.

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Guess you’ve never heard of Ebay? PS5 at retail is $399 , but on Ebay it’s $999
same concept.

WHat incentive do I have to sell to you, to do a whole lot more work for less money?

I don’t see whats weasely about supply and demand


Cart farm supreme going for 5k


entitlement. I want pappy van winkle 23 year old whiskey at retail , i want rolex msrp even though they sell for 10k over that. the list goes on and on.

The entitlement of people needing something right now and demanding the seller to lower his price.

Let me be clear, he did NOT want the entire package!!!

He only wanted a piece , or just the Cart setup, not once was their offer for the entire package. Had he made an offer for the whole thing it would be different story and I would have been more reasonable and closer to what I market is if it was available. The reality there were 10 items listed and he just wanted one thing.

If from the jump the buyer said he only wanted HSW Unimatic, I would have told him from no thanks . If he said he only wanted the cart setup , I would have told no thank you I’ll pass. Instead in private conversation after he got me to engage, he pulled new york move and only wanted a piece of pie at the whole pie price.

He lied to me with his initial offer, lied about his intentions and was upset when the price jumped dramatically due to his duplicitous actions.


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the hose temp connected to the HSW Unimatic you want that 90-92c

The reservoir you want that to be at 80-85c

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My mistake it sounded like he had it sold on the forums then renegged on the deal when he realized cart farm was out of stock so he put back up and started a bidding war. If that didn’t happen then I apologize. Nothing wrong with marking something up in high demand

Deal is done, literally just need to drop it off. Hene I said pending and put date/time so theres no confusion. However, I’m willing to hear offers if there’s a higher price.

In that case the game is open for negotiation.

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Don’t suck dick . Here’s a link to cart farm, he has it in stock. What he doesn’t have is the heating elements.

I wanted to buy another set couple months back, just to have extras. You can never have too many extras , thats why I have multiples of all the little parts as just in case shit happens as I can’t go to ace and buy these things.

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