Gemstone Decarboxylation SOP

I had seen some confusion with Decarboxylation before, so I decided to release Gemstones stock Decarb SOP. it goes pretty indepth. Use at your own discretion. Shout out to @Deleted and @Future for some of the formatting decarb sop[513].pdf (259.6 KB)


@EvinAtEmerald I believe you were looking for decarb clarification? shoot me a message after reading through this if you still have questions.


Thank you for sharing your data. Most of the decarboxylation in my process occurs as a result of boiling the raw crude extract in isopropyl alcohol for a half hour to an hour. Temps are well below the boiling point of water and since the compound is in solution the gas escapes without impedance. The boiling in iso serves a function that swells the portions of the extract that are green plus other organic matter that swells but this takes a small addition of water to the iso so as to accomplish hydrolysis. This way I can remove the chlorophyls at the same time I dewax and has a benefit that the product is mostly decarboxylated.:nerd_face:


The hotplate stirrer being used to perform decarboxylation should be given as much consideration as the SOP. 95% or more of the hotplate stirrers being offered cannot maintain stable solution set points.

Discover what it’s like to actually have a hotplate stirrer that maintains solution set-points, minimal overshoot, and hotplate set-point control, among other capabilities. The CAT MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer is that device,

Check out this video:

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I just ran across this study today that might be extremely helpful in crafting a decarboxylation SOP.

Note the differences in behavior between THCA/THC, CBDA/CBD and CBGA/CBG. The study was done under vacuum and in darkness. From this one could conclude that you may wish to tune your SOP depending upon which of these is the dominant cannabinoid in your biomass or solution. An excellent study nonetheless.


Killer article. Puts a lot of nonsense to bed.


Thank you for sharing this. Very very helpful !

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