Future4200 Live Chat

We have created a #Future4200 room on the matrix.org network.
The easiest way to use this platform is the Element.io app (Front End).

Clicking this link should get you in the right direction.

Apps are available for Android and iOS


Have you ever considered a discord channel or does that have possible safety concerns?

discord isn’t cannabis friendly

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That sucks

Matrix/Element are both open source. If for whatever reason we needed to, we could run this software on our own servers. Not possible with Discord, their server, their stuff, their rules.


Mumble is the alternative I use with friends for games, but the feature set is a bit lacking

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There is a zoom like feature of element that does voice/video. (Join the Conference)
Mumble is a favorite of mine i’ve been running since around 2009. I hadn’t even thought about starting one here.



I think voice chat is really cool. It just adds a extra level of communication. Hopefully it wouldn’t get flooded with the wrong crowd


I’m in with “Future4200”


Says group not legal group id or alias?

Link doesn’t work and as another user said the id is wrong

I just joined without problem and am currently in the chat.


Did you just click the link or search for the chat

clicked the link.

Can I get a screenshot from one of you’s who are having the issues when you click this link.
Device type would be helpful too if the screenshot doesnt make that apparent.

so is there a particular group i need to be in

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Nope. Anyone can join.
Is the link I posted in my last comment (or op) working for you?

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where u at guys and gals

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