Future Forum Fundraising

As everyone knows, we do not sell personal data, we do not sell or run ads, and are supported and ran by the community. In the very beginning we tried to sell ‘premium vendor’ slots to support the forum. This went haywire quick and was nixed. Since then I have been struggling to find a way to accept money for the forum for expanding our services and usefulness, including looking into starting a non profit.
Currently this all runs through me personally. The goal is to move onto something more financially appropriate, hopefully with a group of members acting as a board.
The donations will be treated transparently, including hosting and dev costs.

If you would like to give back and support the forum I propose the following goals which will fund us 2-4 more glorious years. It will be spent something like this:

$2,500 Status Quo
$5,000 Database and server upgrade (Needed)
$10,000 Live Streaming server, git, Invest in WikiJane.com articles and design for the ultimate hash wiki.
$20,000 = We get our very own server in a colocation center with physical security. I will put up “secure” services for users such as @future4200.com email, chat(xmpp), file share, ipfs, alt-networks, etc. Paid dev time for forum development (plugins, themes, etc)
$40,000 = “Disaster proof” our setup. If the west coast falls off, a server will still exists on the east.
$70,000 = At this point we would start a hosting company and sell excess resources to other people to support ourselves. When this happens we can be self sustainable.

Individual contribution: Forum flair / sticker when I see you!
$200: Will be sent a future4200 patch
$300: pin
$500: shirt
$1000: hat
$5000: high quality swag kit
$10000: beta access to secure services, tailored solutions for your use case.
$20000: What’s your agenda here?
$50000: Will be the forum sugar daddy.

CashApp: $zhiland1
Zelle: zach@sidcostudio.com
Venmo: zhiland1 (I have had hiccups with paypal/venmo and prefer cashapp/zelle)
Other/wire/check: DM me


Great idea!


I’m so glad that you’re doing this. It’s been a long time coming.


Sent ya a few shekels, thanks for keeping the shit show running


You! Thank you. :heart::heart::heart:


i have some unused enterprise server hardware that i could donate, @sidco check the DM for the specs. should be plenty


What’s the time line for this donation period?

I can give enough to get a fancy patch. Tbh, for as much time I spend here it’s the least I can do.


This will be an ongoing effort.


Alright, just gave 100 to tweedle.

I have a once a week donation limit on myself lol.

Next week I’ll throw a couple hundred at the cause.


I’ve got some art someone can pick from, or would even do a commission for a donation to The Forum cause. I did $150 for the last fundraiser, so lets just throw it out there to see what people are thinking as far as donations and we’ll talk content. I’ll do a smaller piece for a smaller donation, and the bigger the donation the bigger the piece or whatever.


Saw a couple of your pieces in @Sidco_Cat office. Very cool art!


Great idea! Good way to raise some money while getting your name out there as an artist. I really need to check out the art thread more often.

I’d be down for a little piece of some sort.


Just trying to help out however I can! I’ll take some pics of what I have currently, and upload them tomorrow. If there’s something you like it’s yours, or we can think of something


Wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contributed this week! For the sake of transparency that’s $250 so far, a solid 2 months of hosting at our current level.


I pledged enough to get my badge last week, sorry I had to give a lil to tweedle first.

Here ya go

Cmon fellas, all of us that use the place a ton and can afford it, we all should chip in what we can for the place.