Future Compounds 100,000mg CBD Isolate Coconut Oil Jars

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My domestic partner is starting a little side project under my hemp license.

We’ve been making high dose (100,000mg CBD isolate / 30floz coconut oil) blends for my Uncle who uses it to effectively control his Parkinsons symptoms.

She brought up the fact that its ridiculous that nobody is offering anything like this on the market for reasonable rates, and said she was interested in providing such a product.

Here’s the breakdown:

We are searching for an isolate producer that’s interested in providing isolate at or slightly below your cost to mfg, in exchange for exclusive sourcing and a huge marketing play. We would brand all of the products with a “powered by xxxx” type deal.

I already have a couple offers but I figured I’d give the forum Slangers an opportunity to jump in if desired.

The model is to double up on the sale, and to be 100% transparent with all costs, profits, and how the money is spent. All while providing high doses of cannabinoids for significantly cheaper than the market currently offers.

Questions, concerns, offers?


I think this product will do very well on the market.

If you don’t mind me asking, how advanced were your uncles symptoms before taking the blend?

Dosage he saw results?
Current dose and application timeline?

I am going to give this to a very close friend of my father’s who suffers from pretty severe tremors.


Early 2019 he started noticing some trembling in his hands and was diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons. They have him on some sort of pharmaceutical, it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

We started him on full spec, which worked decent for the shakes but got him high. (50mg/day up to 500mg/day).

Switched to Tfree broad spec, which worked decent, same dose.

Started playing around with CBD and CBG isolates, which at 250-500mg/day of both worked really well, but even just 500mg/day of CBD isolate, had great results.

I definitely need a CBG isolate provider as well


500mg CBD isolate + 1 tsp coconut oil/day

He also greatly increased his total animal fat consumption


I’ll get you as much bulk coconut MCT as you need, at my drum cost- I’ll have pallets coming in within the next month- pickup in Portland at my machine shop.


My only issue is that the jars from amazon, come in jars lol. If we scale this up and I end up buying blank jars I’ll definitely hit you up. I might come buy a couple gallons off you for my cattle fly control though

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How big are the jars?

30floz. Not stuck on that size, it’s just what the $9.70 amazon jars happen to be. Costco does 80 something fl oz for $15.

You’re probably already considering this, but I would be careful with the founding story of the company as it could be seen as making medical claims by the FDA. I’m not a lawyer, but I would definitely recommend getting a letter of legal opinion on the website, packaging, and any claims you might make.

Also be extra careful with any SEO articles or blog posts you have on your website, especially if they’re made by a third-party author or agency. Whenever I’ve seen companies get hit by the FDA for making medical claims, almost all of them were for posting articles with titles like “Does CBD Work For Cancer?”. It can get organic traffic, but definitely playing with fire, especially if the author doesn’t have experience with staying compliant with medical claims. Lazarus Naturals does a good job of compliance disclaimers and being transparent about the kind of language they can use, as well as what customers can use in reviews.

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What company :zipper_mouth_face:

There’s a lot of them. I’m not sure how much the FDA fines/charges in each specific case, but my lawyers were telling me that it bankrupts 9/10 companies that get an FDA warning letter. The larger companies can usually weather them.

Here’s a list:


You can find more by googling “FDA CBD warning letters”. Worth knowing regarding to staying compliant with medical claims. We’re all here because we believe in it, but the FDA is pretty strict when it comes to anything they can find. Not all companies doing non-compliant language will get fined, but don’t take language that makes specific claims as being safe as a result. They’ve really started going after claims regarding inflammation and pain, since those can relate to actual, diagnosable medical problems.

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know too much on this topic, so definitely talk to someone more qualified for more detail.

Edit: Here’s a great chart and explanation of what language can and cannot be used with CBD


If you find a Cbg provider can you link me? Not sure if they can get it up north to me though

I am in process of setting up a bottling line here in Portland in the same warehouse as my machine shop- I’d love to help with this project and do some good Chad disruption as best as I can muster

I have bulk carrier oils, various containers, and a filling/capping/heat shrink/labeling line coming in shortly-

Based on the numbers you’re throwing out, my cost for organic MCT+32oz jars and lids is slightly lower than your Amazon supply, by a dollar or two- I haven’t run the line yet so I’m not sure what labor cost looks like.

If you get this moving and wanna scale def let me know-

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If the Sinemet does not seem to have a profound effect, you may have
Multisytem Atrophy (MSA), which is known to “present” in three different ways, one of which is a “parkinson’s like syndrome”.
MSA is far more rapid degeneration, 5-8 yrs max, where as classic
Parkinson’s can go on for 12-15 yrs.
You need to go to an advanced neurological clinic specializing in the subtle differences to have it diagnosed. Lack of profound response to
levo-DOPA is a classic indicator.

The 250-500 mg a day cbd…seems like a good start…
keep us posted.


Reading thru those FDA letters is some scary shit.

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Bump to reflect the jars listed for sale at ConfettiHemp.com


You’re the man for this. I texted several cbd users i knew right after seeing this. This ought to make their day!


Looks fantastic
Appreciate the transparency… websites looking good & great to hear about your uncle…
Wondering if shipping to Australia is available? Were struggling in the land down under!


Man, I wish… No international shipping for now

No worries man! Thought that might of been the case!
Chinese made isolate is plaguing the industry!
Been hoping to find a reliable vendor that’s happy to help me out. Can’t believe this is only $100 - your transparency is so greatly appreciated & respected!

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