Free Hemp Wax Samples


We currently have devolitized hemp wax for sale. This is from refined from out winterization process, and our HPLC show it contains barely any cannabinoids. Let me know if you’d like a free 20 gram sample. This can be used as an additive to candles, balms, or cosmetics. Because this is a naturally occurring material from hemp we believe that in low concentrations 0.1 - 0.2% this could be used as a natural additive to distillates. Please use CAUTION and do not smoke this outright. Waxes contain the following substances. Hydrocarbons, paraffin, sterols, sterol esters, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and resinous matter. This is a new product and we would love to hear your feedback to better improve the quality. All I ask you pay for is shipping. Direct message me if you would like a sample! Let me know if you’re interested :smiley:!



Can it be used for surfboard wax? I’m interested. What part of the hemp plant was used to make this and what is the process like?


I do not see why it couldn’t be used for that purpose. It feels a lot by beeswax and it’s definitely hydrophobic. What are you looking for in a good surf board wax?

We have been able to add scents to it as well. One formulation in particular smells like a tootsie roll XD.


I call dibs man.

How much will you be selling them for?
How much will you keep in stock?
I think I went through 10 pounds of beeswax yesterday.


I’ll take a sample pack. I’ll make some topicals and add isolate.

Much appreciated!


You don’t mean adding it to disty to dab do you? I wouldn’t think so but I’m questioning if you are meaning to imply that would that be safe since it’s all a hemp extract anyways? Genuine question, sorry if I misunderstood.

I’m a topical maker by trade so I’m definitely interested in a sample regardless


I’m up for a sample. Will spread as a base layer on my board and test it some where tropical.


It’s never gonna be safe to inhale vaporized waxes, last time I checked anyway.


I will update the initial post for more clarification and to provide my personal input around safety. You are 100% correct that this alone should not be inhaled, but we have customers that currently add 0.1 - 0.2% to distillates because they believe it helps prevent crystallization around 60%. Flower also contains these compounds, but at what concentration I can’t say. I would love to find out more about this and to ensure safety.

Thank you again ExTek90 :slight_smile:


Can we create about 2 KG every 2 days.

We currently have about 1 KG in inventory because we have only performed a test batch.

I would say this material would be closer to soy wax than beeswax because it derived from a plant.

I would need to talk to the team on price because currently we don’t see a product like this on the market.


Does it have to be brown?

I use white beeswax so it won’t darken my salves/balms

Would potentially replace with this if it worked the same and was a lighter color


That’s a great question Shattertramp!

We can refine it even further but at the moment we can’t do it at scale. It takes about a week to collected 250 grams of washed material.


I’d be willing to buy a few oz from you. Really need atleast a couple of oz to be able to formulate. My first thought is to produce chapsticks with it. I think it would be popular with the holistic, vegetarian type folks.


Do you have a COA on the wax for residual solvents specifically


We currently have a sample going out for 3rd party testing for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents. It usually takes about 5 business days to get the results. Once I have the results I’ll attached the COA to the original post for viewing.

We are developing a method to make the material whiter. We can do it in very small lab scale batches creating about 30 g a day, but we can’t do it at scale at the moment.

Thank you for your feedback!

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been there, done that.
works ok.
IRC we were just giving them away.

got waaay more of those out here… even with the current pandemic induced shortages…


Hello Wax Fans!

We got 3rd party results back and the finding were a lot different than what we expected. Here is a list of findings.

  1. CBD = 55%
  2. THC = 1.6%
  3. CBG = 0.43%
  4. CBC = 1.83%
    LOQ for all residual solvents
    Failed: Ethoprophos 0.300 PPM. Action limit 0.200 PPM

How much?


WOW! That’s alot of cbd trapped in there… Like over half of it… and you’re giving it away?


Those are some crazy numbers. Man, there would be no need for me to infuse my products with CBD using your wax.