Florida is hiring. Have several labs reaching out to me to fill their tech and management positions including lab directors. Read and respond if interested

If your interested in relocating to Florida have experience with ethanol extraction or distillation. I’m currently filling many positions all over Florida. Paying above market average in order to steal talent from the more established states. Certain positions will be provided with relocation funding and temporary housing while you look for permanent housing. Reach out for further info


DM me!

Check you dm

What about UK residents ?

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Ummm might be slightly harder cause they have to get you a work visa and when we put cbd manufacturing under the type of employment they may not like that. But if your worth the effort as far as talent I won’t say no by any means


Hello my name is Brian I live in California currently can relocate. Willing to learn I do not have experience with this talents BHO was my thing I’m a fast learner and would love to have an opportunity I keep up on the latest tricks in tech I’m always searching for info thank you and I hope you guys get back to me

Thanks joe I’ll keep you in mind


I am interested in the opportunity, can I have more info? Thank you

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Sent a DM!

HMU w/a DM!

Replying to all these as fast as I can. I apologize if you don’t hear back from me feel free to just send like a question mRk or something so it brings your DM back to the top of my list


Just curious what is market average for a lab director in Florida?

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Your creating the average by your demand and your background. But anywhere from 80-120k


And 80-120k goes a long way in Florida with no state income tax. That’s a really high salary with our low price to live here.

That’s entry level doctor level here.



Dm sent.
2 for 1 here.
Myself and my girlfriend both have worked in labs.
I am currently


Dm me i have 4 yrs experience. Bho co2 and distill.

Nah dm me for email to send resume


Unless you have ethanol extraction or distillation experience you Arnt gonna be more then a grunt really. Just be aware of that people as you reach out. Butane experience doesn’t mean anything as it’s completely different then ethanol extraction and only makes you slightly better then someone with zero experience. Just FYI


Grunt ready to work and learn.