First try at diamonds, advice needed, please.



So 2 weeks so far in the miner. Don’t see much goin on really?


Are those bubbles or diamonds


They look like bubbles


But they move


Ur not burping the miner?

Need to think about it like the jars do, but u hold at that super saturated state longer

Definitely bubbles…they move bc ur in open atmosphere now, boiling point butane and propane much colder than room temp, it’s degassing as you take out…u need to slowly move the psi or pressure u build up to… Every 3 days or so

I bet I coach u through first time with just that jar and lid…


I have been burping it almost every other day. I meant to say the bubbles didn’t move until it was out while I was taking a pic but they were pretty solid. You think this is still gonna work? It’s been 2 weeks and nothing’s really happening it looks like. @Stonejh77


If at room temp it’s bubbling you need to put back in,. I’m no miner …I just know its sealed so good your not having any atmospheric things effecting it, liquid at room temp ,when should boil… Does that make sense

Our jars visually lose ALL the solvent trapped in oil that can be let out at the temp it’s placed on… Another word after first day, ours looks like u left open and all the solvent gone! But it’s not open, it’s sealed…u have a much more controlled environment…

I think ur holding to long at a to saturated state in the beginning…

If works anything like the jars, then first 4 days release slowly until looks like normal oil but still pressure… Then hold only letting micro amounts go every day or so… That’s my theory on it

But someone like @Soxhlet could probably let me know exactly why and what!

Maybe he could throw us a freakin bone here!!!

Wait i see her did, after reading @Soxhlet directions…u should stayed sealed at the 2wk mark, where u was, then slowly burp out over next couple weeks, one a week, till pressure flatlines … Sounds like this way needs more time maybe


Ya pressure has pretty much flat lined now at room temp. I guess I’ll leave it sealed for another week before checking it and see what happens. It’s sitting at 150 psi in 90 degree water.


Also one of the days there was a little slosh initially and some spilled on the bottom of the miner and it defiantly looks like sugar or something diamond like forming


Yeah you don’t need pressure to grow diamonds, terpenes are one the best helpers, a terpene rich strain will drop them faster than anything bc the mix so thin already

Seal that sucker back up…Ive got feeling…ur single diamond quest may be over, but if you don’t mind sugar that’s the easiest


She is sealed! Thanks for the advice man. Appreciate it. This is melon bread. I got some fresh lemon banana sherbert, zkittlez cubed and gg4 I’m about to cut down and I want to run them as diamonds I’m just having a hard time getting a successful batch done


What kind of yields are you pulling off that FF Melon Bread? I’m curious, I ran a bunch of the same strain…


Not great lol will see how this batch goes. Where are you from??


Same here, my yields were between 4-5%, terrible!!! I’m down in southern cali area. OC/LA. What about you?


This is what my FF Melon Bread looked like while I was growing diamonds. There was some obvious crystal formations on the bottom, and bubbles only showed when I burped the jar. I took a video that shows bubbles escaping from under the crystals when the jar was burped, but I can’t figure out how to upload it here. Anyways, it took me 7 weeks to grow my first batch😭. Uploading…



What are you using as a makeshift oven vac if you don’t mind me asking?


I have a vac oven, I just keep jars in a wooden cabinet, which should be ventilated, it’s actually the box the vac oven came in…
My miner gets here tomorrow, we actually got 2 so we shall see how that goes


Who did you end up going with for a miner? I’ve been looking but haven’t really dug into them because I have such good success with mason jars


I got the nucleus from oss and one from hardwarefactorystore on IG the ig is hfs_oven
A guy in our shop swears by the miners and 150 psi, I’ll post about them if I can get them dialed in if not the jars work and I’m going to get a miner they fit in just for the safety