First try at diamonds, advice needed, please

I followed #OTSS sop and managed to form some fairly decent sized diamonds inside my mason jar.

Now I need a bit of advice from the masters… I have searched but cannot find an answer to how long I should let the crystals stack & form?

This was fresh frozen buds extracted on 9/28/18, dewaxed @ -55, filtered, mason jarred, left in freezer for 2 days (unfortunately no cryo), capped and placed inside my oven at 85f for 8 days now. I do see some nice size crystals forming on the bottom now, which I am happy about. But there are only about 6-8 crystals in total.

How long should I wait until I pour off the liquid layer to purge?

-TIA to all of you and your amazing help! I am so happy to find this site!



leave that sucker alone for a few weeks @90*f there will be lots more crystals. try not to pick it up and move it around.


That is the answer I was hoping for!!! I want more crystals, lol. Thank You!

Would making/purchasing a pressurized “miner” help this process to shave off a bit of that “waiting time” for my next try? I am dumbfounded at these guys pulling many crystals in a few days time.


Hit up my girl Jackie if you have any miner questions. Got a hold of her diamond miner the other day and it is built with a ton of care and precision. shattergurljacqueline on Instagram and her number is (206) 225-7221


You don’t need it, the equipment not worth the time it cuts…

Listen to @Soxhlet


Please share pics of your diamonds once you get that miner dialed in!


Sorry never been able to use it. I’m in the CBD world right now. I did get to take it apart and inspect it and every piece was thought out and put together with care and purpose. Jackie has also taught me a lot and I love offering up an opportunity for some one else to learn from her and check out some of her tech. Everything she has done for me and taught me is invaluable! If you wanna see pics of some stuff she made in her miner check her IG and shoot her questions if you want


Thank you for the suggestion! I have seen her miner and it looks pretty cool. I’m sure I can build one of those myself, BUT, is it worth the hassle in the end?

Also, does the “de-watering chamber” actually make a difference compared to a regular pressurized vessel without a molecular sieve attached to it?

Does a pressurized miner REALLY make a big difference in growing crystals? That is what I would really like to know. I suppose I should make one and find out for myself. I will report back when I do.


Ive used a custom built simple diamond miner and I personally like using the mason jars to grow diamonds. I use onlythestrongsaucetek and I’ve had great success. That Jacqueline girl that makes those miners I hear have a scratchy etched bottom to encourage crystal growth

These are my latest diamonds using onlythestrongsaucetek


Yup that’s correct she does have an etched bottom on the miner that helps with quicker nucleation of crystals. I wonder if one could achieve a similar result in glass with a little bit of careful dremel work.


I’ve etched couple jars lately w drill bits…soon I’ll be able to try it out!!


Is your oil terp heavy or do you have a lot of residual butane in their? Is there pressure built up in your jar from evaporating tane?

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Congrats! Did you pull any vac on it while in the oven? Thank you for posting !


If you are replying to my diamond post, yes I placed the diamonds and Terps in the oven at -17hg for a couple days until I couldn’t see much reaction from the butane under vac


There is residual butane/propane inside my jar, also it seems to be very terp heavy. Either that, or I haven’t formed enough crystals yet. Yes, there is pressure inside, I have not burped it for 2 weeks. There has since been a bit more crystals forming inside since my post.

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Ok well ur almost there…DO NOT OPEN!!!
Give another week, they should start forming more and more…

U want a slow evap,so residual solvent is a good thing if ur on the first main seal!

When it crashes that liquid inside will darken a lil and be very thin bc tons solvent still in it!!!

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Sorry to get tedious, but did you recover your collection pot into vacuum pressures? Is your lid bulged up or just tight?

Your on the edge of the meta stable zone, which is great for larger slow growth. If you want smaller more numerous crystals faster you have to edge towards a more saturated solution. This is accomplished primarily in two ways. a)Removing the solvent portion of the mixture through evaporation, b)reducing the temperature of the solution.

I opt for temp manipulation usually as it preserves terps if your solvent is primarily from the cannabis vs tane, as well as the time factor, rather not have a solution sitting for weeks if my end goal is not boulders.

Depending on the variety/solution extracted if crystallization is desired my parameters can change as much as 100f or more and not going below waters freezing point. Unless im specifically going for boulders a week maybe 2 is plenty of time, if you okay with something super grainy like 710dabtek posted earlier in this thread than can usually be accomplished in less than a day or two tops.

Here are some graphs I made to help visualize.


It took me 4 weeks to grow those crystals.

I’d be interested to see some pictures of the diamonds you’re producing with that method

It’s sugar …idk why ppl call that diamonds,ur not getting diamonds within couple days…I get sugar quick, but I still let it sit another week for the entire batch to finish sugar crystal