First try at diamonds, advice needed, please.


You can get faceted diamonds in a couple days I’ve done it before not sugar. I know people who have a full bottom by day 10 I’m just not one of them haha


I agree with this too. I got a homie doing Pyrex tech and getting big faceted diamonds in 3-4 days.


They something they not telling us though, something aiding in the process…there must be…
And why am I finding it’s always a friend that does miracles!
There must be a catch is all I’m saying…Pyrex pan in nitro filled oven? Something


I’ve actually never tried the Pyrex method but yeah nitrogen backpresure is probably the answer


For me some strains make diamonds faster, I don’t have a method to get faceted diamonds that fast and I don’t want sugar.


From what the homie tells me. No nitrogen. The remaining solvent in the mix makes all the pressure you need. Just place it in the oven at 80F sealed for 2-3 days. Then bump it up to 85f.


I normally purge first…but other day I stuck some down by placing bubbling oil in jar and sealing, then placed on temp

I’m gonna give it shot, but I’ve done this before, but I didn’t use proper heat


What kind of lid is your buddy using to get a tight seal on that pyrex dish?


He is not using a lid. He is using the oven as an oversized jar.

Oh… he is a member here too. Maybe they will come from the shadows and post their exact sop but he has video conference me during his process a number of times. I haven’t seen him hiding any steps. Lol. :man_facepalming:t3:


@Killa12345 I hope so that would be really nice :blush:


Cascade botanical back purged with nitrogen would make diamonds no lid on Pyrex. Seems pretty simple just like making normal diamonds the actual oven is the miner though…


I’m sure you can make them without nitrogen using the remaining solvent as pressure, oven as miner, I just haven’t tried no time right now.


Do you separate the terpenes and sugar, purge, and then combine them back together?


If I want pourable Terps yes if not no reason to, there’s more than one way to skin a cat


From today, after a week of crystallization.


Dude holy shit out of my 5 tries and my 4 failures ( not sure about the 5 th time quite yet) what you got is so mouth watering !!! I wanna taste success lol


Wow those diamonds came really clean did you wash them at all? Impressive run what was the starting material if you don’t mind me asking?


The starting material was od fresh frozen flower.
No “washing” per se, I tumbled them around on parchment to clean em up a bit though.

Whats been the issue, Theimaginationgarden? whats the end result look like?


I’ve gotten sugar and I’ve gotten a jelly/gelatin type result from mason jars. 0 success with the last diamond miner attempt… tried the miner again. Been 2 weeks nothing’s really occurred too drastically. When I look down the sight glass it seems as tho there is a film over the product inside. Great color and super good smell then I off gass. Pressure stopped building naturally so I added some nitrogen. Not really sure where to go from here lol.


Kinda seems like a sandy/ brown sugar type stuff in the product I guess sort of lol.