First try at diamonds, advice needed, please.


For sure… I was gonna get a plexiglass panel for the other side of the box, we have been putting them in plastic totes to contain it if this happened but this one we didnt.


Jeez that thing launched a little bit how far did the glass shrapnel spread?


Mostly just large pieces, I think it was etched too much and a new “smooth sided” jar which felt thinner, not far that I can see it looks like the top just hopped off like 2 feet, however sticky bubbles all over everywhere…


yeah, the etched jar was definatly the cause. Try useing a seed crystal instead.


So last time I seeded I got sugar, I figured I opened it at the wrong time, abouts when do you usually seed? Post cryo, when capping?


seed when capping. If the seed melts you did it too early.


Hey thanks alot! @future4200 & @otss y’all are amazing for starting this website and thread can’t thank everyone on here enough!


Do u put it in cryo when opening to not lose any solvent?..while seeding, if not beginning?


yes, I drop the pressure when I seed by freezing.I also use a different method than the otss tek.


Ok are you not leaving as much solvent or backfilling with nitrogen? Or neither, don’t remember I thought u was jarring last time I check buddy, don’t hide the secrets!:blush:


This is how I use jars to make crystals.

  1. 1lb good bud material extracted and reduced to 1/2 to 2/3 quarts of butane.

  2. mixture placed in jar and capped “medium”

  3. jars sit in explosion proof ventalated cabinet/fume hood for 12-15 hours to reduce. 75-85*f

  4. after reduction to approximatly 1/4 quart volume, the jars are placed in a freezer to remove the pressure.

  5. A seed crystal is dropped onto the surface of the resin and the jar is capped “tight”.

  6. The jar is placed in a 90*f vaccum oven for 1-2 weeks. significant crystal growth will occur over these few weeks.

  7. after 2 weeks or so of significant crystal growth the jars can begin to be “burped”.
    2-3 burps per week untill the pressure flatlines.
    burping will contine to encourage crystal growth by further shifting the solubility.

For a dimond miner similar steps can be followed. With the exception of the reduction step, a 10 psi pressure relief valve should be used in to “meter” the solvent loss.
We have been messing around with installing a regulator on one of our miners.


Man :facepunch:

I love this community!


@Soxhlet thanks for sharing that, the amount of quality knowledge being passed around here is amazing, we’re all very grateful!


WOW, nice work!!! Mind if I ask how long those crystals took to form?


Thanks they pretty much grow themselves in
23 days.


Nice! But, damn, I must be missing something then. I’ve had mine in since the 28th of last month and do not have as many crystals as I was hoping for. Do you burp your jars after the first 2 weeks like Soxhlet said he does?


No I don’t, on all the jars that have worked I saw crystals started after 3 days I then left them alone till the end. And I should note the only ones that have not worked were capped to late, or too loose, so i added butane back and re crashed I’ll let ya know if that works…


Is ur extract high in terps? It helps move things faster, bc it’s thinner…

Different ratios of terp/ thca can make crash times varie, one the main things is keeping closed during the main stage,

Or if you decided to seed you must take the jar back to cryo so you don’t lose your solvent,bc seeding is done early w lots solvent, not like the burping later

Sounds to me like @Soxhlet doesn’t burp till he getting some good formation going and then maybe it slows, it’s quick burp then right back to heat and will build pressure at different saturated level… I’m trying this, I think it’s really speeding through that last week


Is this considered diamonds? Probably not large enough, but if so this is super easy, jarring crude all solvent recovered oil

Not otss

For smaller runs it’s much easier to pour terps and remove the crystal if Jarred on ptfe… You don’t lose anything


I’m going to give this a shot next time, my test runs are so small that any loss is a significant % wasted in the jar


10/30/18 Update: I pulled my jar from the oven and separated the terp & crystal later today. I didn’t get as many crystals as I was hoping for, but I am thinking that may be because the harvest was pulled early & possibly didn’t have that much THC to crash out from the start.

What do you all think? How did I do for my first try at diamonds?

A Huge Thank You to all of you for your open sharing and information!!! I am truly greatful for all the help. :grin: :hugs::ok_hand: