First time live resin attempt

I just attempted a small batch of fresh frozen material for the first time recently. Butane in a jacketed column with dry ice. Turned out great very clear stable shatter. I was hoping for more of a “live resin” end product. How would i get more of a live resin instead of shatter.

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Instead vac purge, just jar that honey oil once your solvent has evaporated… You can use 70-85f water bath to help solvent evap

After being sealed in jar or pyrex pan for 2wks(just to ensure done,I go lil shorter)

After that put in vac -20 70-80f


Great thanks for the reply man. So evap all solvent then seal the jar. What would best storage temps and conditions be for the 2 weeks

I know this may sound like semantics, but if you processed fresh frozen material, what you have is a live resin.

Sounds like you were looking for a sugared, or sauce and sugar consistency.

try here: Perfect Sugar BHO

and of course see what others have asked: First time live resin run!! Advise

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Has anyone tried to freeze dry, such as the harvest right freeze dryer, before running live resin? To make it absolutely moisture free?


Yeah I’ve heard about it…

I let my live set out couple days now…w no difference I can tell but more

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You can throw it in cabinet… 70-90f

I toss in cabinet… Don’t forget to clean it up after, vac everything in end

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that will also pull some of the lighter terpenes.

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