First time live resin run!! Advise

Hello all first time posting , long time reader . I have good experience running cured material , but no exp. running fresh frozen material. My question is about set-up , is my machine setup for live resin runs .I know that there is a lot more moisture involved with these types of run , so does that mean I should upgrade my molecular sieve column ? My material columns are not jacketed just bare bones , my collection pot is jacketed . The material I plan on using has been stored in a regular freezer freshly harvested . Just looking for some good advise !!!

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Get jacketed column, your wet frozen material will start to thaw getting moisture on it, jacket keeps frozen whole time, don’t squeeze for the freeze, it’ll make hard to break up… Also regenerate your m.sieve after every couple runs, store it capped and vac sealed also You want to blast everything cryo cold! Even solvent…store material in something without atmosphere… Need to be frozen 30min-48hrs after harvest… And blast fast and cold!


Yeah jacketed for a chiller or just sleeved for dry ice otherwise that moisture and chlorophyll will have it tasting like hay.


I had a friend show me how to run fresh frozen material without a dry ice column. He does use dry ice to chill the butane down as cold as possible for 24 hours before running. He also has the material sitting on dry ice before going into the tubes to help dry it out and get it extra cold. The material is in a bag while sitting on dry ice, so it isn’t in direct contact with the dry ice. Then because the butane is so cold he has to push with nitrogen to get the butane out of storage cylinder. He runs a passive setup and runs everything through a 3 by 24 molecular sieve full of clay beads to help absorb the water. He also regenerates them after every run to ensure he has clean moisture free butane.
But I would prefer to run live resin runs inside of jacketed columns because then you can ensure everything is at the right temperature before letting the butane through. I would also suggest flooding from the bottom to ensure all of the material comes in contact with the solvent. With fresh frozen runs it’s very easy for channels of silent to form if your flooding from the top.


Thank you for the replies guys , that was my thought that my machine is not setup correctly for live runs . Also for the future is the best method for freezing material , flash freezing ? I dont think that regular freezer do the job also does anyone in here have any experience with CO2 Live Resin ? I also have two 20L Apeks machines and have heard of people running live resin runs with CO2


when taking material out of dry ice do you op to hand crush it or leave it as is ? I have heard of people crashing frozen material before runs. But if my machine isn’t setup correctly then i would believe that chlorophyll would have its way with me !!

Most chop it up then freeze that way u can load fast as possible with no time breaking up btw


Would a harvest right freeze dryer be better to make instant live resin? To be able to pick, trim, then freeze dry the same day? Keep debating on getting one since it removes all the moisture for live resin runs

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How much we talking?

You running 100lbs ?

If not dry ice may be your better option, makes brittle af…

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I have been running fresh frozen material. Best way is to get a lab freezer that will go down below -70c. I chop and freeze to -86c within an hour. Then after 24hrs I take out and smash the buds while in the bags with my hand. Do not chop them up too much before freezing or you might get chlorophyll in the mix. Then I pack my tubes and freeze down to -86c for 24-48hrs. I use a separate sleeved dewaxing chamber but my material columns are not sleeved or jacketed. I don’t feel I need them to be since I do not dewax in my material columns.


@Mastercoolkeif do you feel that moisture plays any part in your overnight “nucleation”?


So if im running more than 100lbs fresh live, a cryo freeze dryer would be a good option? Its definitly in the realm :wink:


From tiny batches ive tried even fully purged at -30 hg i was getting crackle from moisture.

I may been talking about another post I deleted it just in case


Never used one, for the amount and the time im trying to save would the seive be faster than cryo drying the lot?

Are you recovering fuel if so you need one! The sieve is for removing water out the solvent during distalition…

Even if u cryo dry u may not get all u need sieve it’s cheap investment when recovering fuel…I use no matter what I run


it’s for drying your solvent so you can go again.

you haz homework… Search results for 'molecular sieve' - Future4200

I worded that wrong, during recovery…i’m sorry

If I need to do more homework I will… Thanks so much, all the homework I’ve did from y’all why I’m where I’m at now

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I only wash my material with solvent once and then recover. Ive had no issues without this seive? No moisture in material, no moisture buildup in my tank, no moisture in my finished stuff, ben using for 8 months now, i understand the use for seive for live resin or fresh froze, but your saying i need a seive before my tank when recovering?