First time live resin run!! Advise


It’s moisture in your solvent, when ur recovering it’s going into RECOVER tank

Yes cryo freezer may be your option to freeze fast, push dry ice cold solvent w n2, … if You have tons…

but if you have that kind money why would you not wanna filter dryer…

Is pennies to the dollar compared to freezer… It’s a must w live or extraction in general for me


I think this happened due to how my buddy cured that round…this was not fresh frozen…it was flash dried in like 3-4 days! he said his shop was hot (end of summer heat spell) and he couldn’t cool it…so I think it like cocooned the terpenes…this was outdoor 9# :hammer:


I have mol sieve on my recovery line.

I remember seeing a few months ago some CLS systems that came with a spool after dewax filled with 3A beads that the solvent would run through before collection.

I’m going to do my first live resin run tomorrow with about 10lbs of live material. I’ve followed all the proper protocol for freezing and will be running as cold as I can go (-75). Would it be acceptable and beneficial to also load up one of my filter ferrules with a shitload of 3A beads to collect any moisture in the oil as it runs into collection?



You could try it, but I’m pretty sure most dont do that, they just use them on recovery line like you said yours is and that dries your solvent in its gaseous form as its returning from the collection,

Liquid solvent isnt recommended for most sieves and oil laden solvent would likely clog them rendering them useless, but I’m no expert…


You do not want to run cannabinoids over the sieves. That would make regenerating them a multi-step process (solvent wash first, then heat).

They go after your recovery pot and before your solvent container (which sounds like where you have them).

Flowing gas UP is the recomended method.