Perfect Sugar BHO

Got another question about getting that “perfect” sugar that some companies are putting out. Specifically, Harvest Moon Gardens out of CA is making this glistening sugar with micro diamonds, super terpy. How are they getting that ideal consistency every time?

We’ve had this happen sometimes when our terp layer/HT sugars up because we agitated it too much, but how would I go about making this consistency off the extractor?

My thoughts were to pull a high vac, cool temps, on a low surface area jar after off-gassing a day to allow the system to enter unstable nucleation zone. What do you think?

Owners constantly want to follow IG hype, so I must find a way to deliver. Thanks in advance!


There just jarring a bho solution that’s already down to almost gone, like pouring far jars, … You can achieve same effect jarring the same material after purging around 30min to hr full vac 80f to keep terps, then jar, they used dried and cured material


Anyone got some more info on this, I feel like I should be using higher temps within the vac oven for this kind of application. It seems to be the more popular consistency besides diamonds, most companies are using a ntane propane blend for it here but thats about as much info as i got, I was hoping someone would chime in.

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Ive had this result once on accident lol.

I left my slab (cured nug run) in a vac’d down oven for about 5 days with heat at 110 the entire time. I was busy that week and came back to find an extract that was ahead of its time. Not sure how consistent the results would be with this tech just my 2 cents. I basically turned the oven into a large multi-plane diamond miner with large surface areas.


Blast dewax cold…react to oil at room temp…

Full vac 80f 1hr… take out jar 2 to 3 weeks depending on amount, that’s right jar the honey.after vac entire contents -15 to -20 80f to clean up anything left

You’ll be left with a sauce sugar material if live

Do dried cured u end up w more sugar bho…also adding beginning vac times will make drier…but that’s just bc u purged ur terps away congrats

Works every time hands down without doubt I bet my pecker on it


I agree, this is the most consistent way to get a wet sugar, cured or frozen, Sometimes I even stir lightly after a week or two.


Yeah stirring back always helps


I’m not sure if you follow them but all of their product is single source fresh frozen live resin. I’ve always been curious what their process is as far as what they’re running and gas mixtures, however I feel the end product is typically a consistent result of their material. The petite crystals may be a result of good fresh frozen, gas blend, and run temperature (which I assume is super cold.)

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Post a picture of what this product looks like so everyone can see what we trying to achieve

After searching the internet for harvestmoon live resin…

I stand behind my first Instructions…works EVERYTIME

Looks I-dentical

But there more than one way to get there I’m sure…
My way retains the terps more than the fast heat

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The consistency isn’t identical every time. Some batches have more jagged and asymmetrical crystals (like the master) and others more petite and uniform (like the og.) One run (I believe the papaya but first batch) didn’t have much crystallization and was more of a consistency typically seen with live resin (homogenized.) I may be confusing the strain tho. Pictured here is the master.


Yeah that’s freaking beautiful and one my fav recipes… Got that one down badass!!! They several different way to get here for sure, where your route

If u want better symetry or smaller sugar …try purging the mix for 30 min -20hg… It’ll make more uniform instead diamond like


I heard you gently whip the extract on a hot plate then place it in the oven on a low temp? It supposedly has more flavor and the yield tends to be higher? Time, temps, procedure, and whatever info you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Or how long to I need to keep it in a jar?

Sorry for the basic question.

Thank You


When you say jar the honey after the full vac, are you pouring the oil onto a sheet, then after an hour at 80f and full vac, moving that material into a jar, then capping it and leaving it sit for 2-3 weeks, then vac at the end of that time? Please share…

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I quit doing like that after I got on here. It works but mainly live or rather fresh dried stuff.

Now I would just jar the oil ,then after about 4-7days(80-90f) or once it’s fully crashed , a low vac w low heat till done (-20, 80-90f)

Live and freshly dried stuff(month dried) does this w ease you have have to blast dry ice cold everything


The last low vac (-20, 80-90f), is that done with the lid on the jar or with the lid off? Do you pour off terps as you would in OTSS?

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Anytime ur purging terps pour/spread them then low and slow

Even if was shallow in the jar you would have to leave the lid off


This is my preferred texture. I make this in my collection vessel. Initially I pull half vac and leave for about a half hour. Then I break vac, whip and put back on heat no vac for between 12-16 hours. I usually keep my temps between 85 and 95. The more you whip the finer your sugar will be and the quicker it will sugar.

These are both cured resin from this last outdoor harvest.

I use 80percent propane 20 isobutane

Solvent tank in slurry, injecting through 50’ coil, sleeve filled with slurry


Hi I am frome Spain and kind of miss understanding so you just saying to leave a shatter slab for mor time inthat is it ?

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yes if you leave the slab in the oven for a longer period of time it will start to turn into a sugar. But there are other ways as well. He is saying he did this by accident rather than intentionally.

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