First ever short path run



I rock china glass. I dont discriminate about glass. Unless it’s an alumnium beer bottle, then no thanks.


Just silicone oil off amazon its operating temperature is -50C to 200C

Pure Silicone Oil, 100cStPail, 5 gal.

Its expensive now but i got it when it was $340.


Ya I think Zoro or some other sources have the 100cst super lube for that same price. Do you notice any smoking or vaporization of that stuff at 150c? How is the viscosity of 100c


No smoking but i do see movement not sure if thats just dust that has made it in or not.
Not really sure how to answer the viscosity, i mean ita just an open bath, but i do have to lower the liquid alittle cuz it expands about 25% when its up to 150c compared to my usual 50c
Oh i see what ur asking. It doesnt pump well when its cold like below 0C. But moves like water above 100c when i tried it in the circulator.
Im getting a heated circulator that can go to 200c and plan to use the oil for that


Thanks guys! I appreciate the feed back!
@Roguelab the tubing is whatever usa labs uses for their kits, I’m sure they sell it
The tubing for the condenser I got at a hardware store here its pvc with fiber cords…

my phone died with all the photos and uploading, so I managed to nail the flask changes as best as I think I could have unintentionally as soon as I switched to tails cuz main was full i probably got 10ml before color changed dramatically to a darker/orangey…

I noted that the color was changing on the 7th line on the second page here, then literally ran out of room in the main flask and switched pretty much at that same time
The head temp started to drop, the vac came down also, then as it got more orange the temp and vac both went back up, I noticed that correlates with the change of fractions at Both the heads to main, then the mains to tails…


Here’s a trick for first timers, at least I feel it’s pretty neat…
Get a bright led flashlight shine through the flask

this is main color on the wall

This is tails orange on the wall


This is it 291 grams!! I’ve wanted a dragon ball for years since I first ever saw one today I gotta hold one!
It doesnt smell like sulphur but it does smell like the oil that’s already been burnt in a dab nail
Kinda lobster/turtle definitely smells, not like the decarbed diamonds which didnt smell…

I think I had a small leak I forgot to mention there were small bubbles in the neck around the connecting point of the BF to head

Thanks for everything to everyone who contributed to this site in any way!


I also found once I started using the emergency blanket everything stayed more steady and flow increased pretty much double, I could easily remove it or just move the top and shine a flashlight in and i could see…
I would have started sooner but was scared it would melt it…
I removed it near the end during tails and the reflux stopped and Ithe temp shot down, i put it back on and it kept going then the temp over shot trying to maintain… it eventually stabilized again…
This is right after adding blanket to BF


GREAT info dump and slide show style presentation! Thank you. :sunglasses:


I wonder If that was a small leak
On exactly that same spot i always see bubbles No mater how much i try to kill iT by Grease. Difrent flask etc etc
I think its or the Grease that under heat and vacuum starts to Evaporate or Any other compound


I couldn’t decide if it was a leak, I just noticed it after I adjusted the level of the head so I assumed it was a leak, the grease definitely looked different after heat was added… I’m considering getting the apiezon pfpe 501 grease I’ve seen @BreakingDabs said it’s good stuff over on IG , I’m not sure, all in all it held pretty good, it got down to 44 micron at one point…


It better be good at almost $200 a tube


Damn I hope my 1st run goes as smoothly as your’s. Great Job :+1:


Man paint some red stars on that bad boy and put it on a hat!
I plan on doing a journal as well when all of my equipment comes in, in the next month or so. Really looking forward to sharing my progress. Keep doing what your doing. It’s looking excellent!


Thanks for the positive feedback I love this site!
I reccomend the journal it felt weird at first but after I got through the first page it all started making sense…

My recommendation is to go slow and be extra triple double patient for your first run, it never flows so fast that you lose some outrageous amount by holding out to switch from heads to main, and main to tails, heads to main was an obvious switch it turned from drips of clear to drips of gold to a solid string of gold, main to tails was not so much flow change as just color from what I saw, it’s easier to notice it in notes than it is by sight at first…

everything stays pretty consistent during a fraction and slowly changes between them.
Study this site and watch a few videos yall gonna do great!


Im currently copying tour vacuum setup. How arentou able to break vac the way you have it set up?

Going to do a blank off test of my trivac


Just loosen the gl fitting on the cow


Disnt even think about that. I was going to use silicone tape/wrap around all the gl fittings in hope to stop.any vac leaks

Zoom in on the cold trap right gl fittimg. This is just a mock up


Just use hose clamps to hold the hose on em, i got mine down to 36 and got tired of waiting and talked to killa and decided it was good enough, before putting the hose clamps on it wouldnt go below 350
I was actually surprised by everything you can read all over about leaks and cheap glass im not sure i had one except probably the thermometer deals that came with the system if i was to guess of any place that could be a problem


Hose clamps and silicone tape wrap.


I go overboard on lots of stuff. Like my spares cabinet. Has 15 spare cmh grow bulbs, 7 spare ballasts, and 4 adapters, all collecting dust.