First ever short path run



Drop When ever You have time the blanket in the Tricks of the trade section
IT s neat :grinning:


Just added it!
That makes my day I’ve wanted to contribute a trick for so long, but I’m usually using tricks found on this site instead of my own


While you are ordering stuff maybe get a 500 ml flask to put in the main slot on the cow mines almost full and still golden
And started with 580g


I did have one mishap on startup also, the cow wasnt set right or something and I got ethanol in all 3 flasks had to shut down and clean those really fast, luckily temps were only like 80c


Yeah give him more reasons to stall
But You are right a 500 ml makes sense to keep mains isolated on a 700ml batch


This sound familiar…hahaha.


In general with a vac that low No Need to Shut down iT Will evap of before mains start


I know you told me it would happen :yum:

It looks darker from this angle, but its not…


I actually just ordered 2x 250ml flasks just for that.

Edited my order forn1x250ml and 1x500


Alright, I get it @Demontrich waiting for it to get warm there to take me up on the free consulting if you got mountain biking in your area.

See ya in the summer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am amazed by your head fraqtion Any strain specific biomass this is ?
Clean. As a whisel :+1:


They use the crappy ski hills for mtn biking in the offseason


So azulene is still a suprise for the future
Outdoor biomass but iT s pretty to see vivid bleu


Um theres like 10 strains mixed in here, all indoor in house grown, BHO extracted, ethanol winterized
Was beautiful shatter but needed crude…


Temp still 203 mantle
182 head
72 mic vac
72c condenser
900 stir speed
Had to use heat gun a few times to keep flow through the flask neck

This material had a sulphur burner run empty then the aluminum cup gets hot which causes the leaves to burn so was worried it might effect the color, but may effect the flavor cuz the vac exhaust smells like hotsprings
Not sure if it’s supposed to or if that’s a side effect


If sulfur smells still are there
Then You must try puttin copper scrubies in your head on second pass and the Condenser as hot as possible


Thanks again for those pics. It very much helps me and all of us who are still trying to get our 1st spd run out of the way.

For certain, I will be copying your vac setup! I learn best by visual, not reading 8n a text book


What else I found cool about this thread is that @Cryo13 was able to distill first pass with Chinese glass and gl fittings and get sub 100.

This place just keeps debunking the American glass myth. I can’t wait till @square_root_pharms gets his wide bore Chinese custom setup and lets see if we can get low like these other ig people.


Right @Killa12345 good job @Cryo13 did on good vac
Thats also Where My Quiestion is about
That tubbing looks Nice not to thick and spongy for the hose clamps
Yet iT seems Having the soft of silicone
So what tubing ie that ?


Gonna be interesting indeed!