First ever short path run



What’s up everyone!
First thanks to everyone for all the info on this site!!
This is my first ever short path distillation run
Using usa labs 2L shortpath and mantle
Re501 5l roto water bath for condenser with e-z clone mag 450 water pump

Edward’s e2m30 vacuum pump from high5

Supco vg64 vacuum guage

Thomas scientific thermo probe

Vacuum dynamics bellow and kf-25 isolation valve
So far everything is going great!

Started with 580 grams of winterized/decarbed crude

Rotated to main a minute or so after the drips became a solid string that coiled
Bottom of this page


127 micron on your first run is great!
Good notes too, i think ur set, just watch and enjoy now :grin:


Here’s where we are now, its 12 started at 920

This is page 2 rotated flask pretty much right as started this page

Empty yesterday no ice in the trap pulled to 65 micron and shut it down, it was still going lower.


This is your first pass? Thats great color, what kind of lights are in ur lab? are they bright white or have a yellow kinda tint? :ok_hand:


They are white led, yes first pass first time ever running one of these at all…



This place produces professional results. All the info is here for people to learn the trade.


Thats the best lighting for pics, it shows its true self that way, i have old yellow lights and hate taking pics in that lighting, it makes any oil look 20% worse than it is.


it’s good most of the time but sometimes this light messes with the color also


Is there a reason ur not going up to 210 right away after u switched to the mains ball? I feel like 210 is the higher limit for a good run and 220 is the higher limit for any run. 200-205 is where i like to put it on the second pass. I usually try and do first pass as quick as i can, then do post processing, then run again. If u dont have the option to scrub and clean between runs then forget what im saying and ramp up slowly like u are



We are only going for a first pass and not gonna scrub or post process, we were told not to exceed 200 for the best quality…


Gotcha, are u gonna do a second pass?
Yeah 200 is where i set my final distilation temp at but never seem satisfied with my first run when i ran it that slow so i always do a second one that is slower


Great job! I wish I seen the pic of your vacuum setup 5 mins ago. I would have ordered a few different parts. I guess it’s always good to have spares laying around.



@demontrich Its definitly useful, ive recently started using some old equipment i ordered months ago and forgot about. It was increcibly useful to keep production going. Dont be too hard on urself now, u may be thanking urself in the future


Probably not gonna do a second pass unless it smells like turtle, really need the product asap
But like I said it’s our first run ever so not sure what to expect.
It was good quality shatter we made into crude not garbage material at all…


Did it have smell? Did u devolitize it in a different chamber before putting it into the distillation system?

If u had terps in there before u loaded it up, when u slowly ramped up the system, u got those terps to stick the glass of the whole system and will inevitably makes its way into the disty too

I like to get my crude up to 150C in my roto before loading it into my distillation unit, it makes the smell much better


At least now I can copy his vacuum setup. This pushes me back 14 more days.

Bangs head on cinder block repeatedly…


To a point, we recovered the ethanol in a roto, then semi decarbed it all in there also at 90c for an hour so some volitales were probably spent there
It kinda smelled like everclar still, we started at 40c no vac used the pump to pull the extract into the BF
Then increased to 100c while letting the vac pull down, set stir at 300 then increased to 400
Then up to 700 when hit 140 the rest is written on the paper I posted above


Quit looking for excuses :rofl::rofl::rofl: