First ever short path run



Shut it.


This flu is kicking my ass as well.

I run the same.usalabs re501 rotovap, and their 2l spd kit. Are you using the 250ml rbf for the cows? I’m starting with about 750ml crude, I’m worried I’ll over fill the 250ml rbf


Yes running it completely stock 250 (x3)


Some dry ice on the coldtrap flask can do No Harm but can save a few oil changes


dont worry…@demontrich Rogue did the same thing to me until i ran. I felt like i was personally letting him down…He kept the fire under my ass!

Thats what friends are for…they motivate you to do things sometimes your not ready for. He knew we all had the knowledge…hence the wanting to see the show like me…

pushing each other to new levels!


I wish all men to do what they love
And the first step is the hardest but to an awesome journey


I cant really move my cold trap now since the vac line is so short, I meant to put dry ice there but forgot in the excitement


Few setbacks

Just waiting for shipping now. Usalabs website said they stock kf16. Sike! They dont


Fantastic run by the way
Enjoy and congrats​:+1::ok_hand:


Thank you!
I’ve been studying this site for like a month now getting all kinds of info and ideas, with this site it’s pretty easy I gotta say… just trying to do it without having read all the posts here, I’m pretty sure we would be cleaning to start over…
Special thanks to @Killa12345 I dm him all the time with lots of dumb questions

I’m officially out of likes for the day hahaha



i Seem to be the only one in the “gave out all their likes for 20 days” club…i run out all the time. i like everyones stuff…


I only have the empathetic one…
is that 20 days in a row? I feel like it’s always telling me I’m out of likes


So you say you never do a first run this low, why is that?
Residance time?
And what’s your head temp usually at?


Got a little dry ice under the cold flask
Thanks @Roguelab

These emergency blankets that come in first aid travel kits dont melt, they are super useful in the lab

Tricks of the trade

I’m “crazy in love”. Hahaha. You can say that again. In a club all by myself. Granted it takes no skills to be there :crazy_face::crazy_face::joy::rofl:


In 13 seconds I can like again!
It takes skill, dedication is a skill


what heat transfer oil are you using in your roto oil bath?


Just water…
Oh that wasnt to me my bad


no worries @Tetratech said he decarbed in roto at 150c


You Said @Cryo13 dedication is a skill
And @Killa12345 this site makes sense
Thanks to your dedication skill knowlidge and helpfulness and to top iT all offyour humor🙏