first distillation need a little help (red)

this is my setup

  • Chinese mantle and glass 2L
  • Bullseye Vac guage
  • Kangaroo thermo
    alcatel 2021 pump

i pulled down to 400 microns my gauge says its stable but i think theres a leak not sure where checked couple times and i can’t seem to find anything. all joints greased.

So my mantle is between 200-220c
my head temp gets to 190c
some distillate pours through, then my head temp gets ways down to like 50c then goes back up to 190c when more distillate comes (my condenser is at 85c)

the first couple passes looked very gold but it eventually turned red for some reason.
the main cow gets a little foggy. i saw some specs of red splashes in my head and I’m not sure if my distillate passed through it and got tainted and mixed and turn red ? idk.

i tried my best to get my microns to below 100.
my hose from my vac to my cold trap is kind of long i would say maybe 7ft. cause the fumes in the room are unbearable so the vacuum is in the bathroom. Do you guys think this is a reason why i won’t pull pass 400? i uploaded some pics below how the disty looked when it first started to fraction to where its at now. i have a substantial amount of crude in my boiling flask so it can’t be tails already. let me know whats up

There’s a hundred reasons as to why this may be happening. Perhaps post your winterization/extraction methods to give a more complete picture. Also, move your vacuum closer to your unit and run an exhaust line to the exhaust port. Your vacuum isn’t smelly, it’s just a little hot. The fumes are smelly.

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will upload more pictures later.

its RSO crude was extracted with iso (old material maybe a year or 2).
i winterized 4 times (@ -20 - -25c (chest freezer) until i saw little to no residue on my filter papers.

i think its because i cant get my microns down… i will move the vac closer tho and try again. im gonna run a line from my exhaust port. what size line do u recommend and how should i attach? just tape it up ? lol

are my temps ok? am i running it too hot?

Dont waste any more time if your using old material. I banged my head on my wall for a week and wasted quite a bit of time and $ running a clients junk ass material.

Old material degrades.


If there’s a problem with scientific hardware, there is usually a more legit solution than tape. Idealvac is a good resource. This is the part you’re looking for. I think your pump runs KF-16, but always double check before ordering.

Old material is bad. Too much vacuum grease can kill a vacuum, try a re-grease but only use a few “stripes” of grease and twist your joints to bring the grease around the joint. I don’t SPD unless I need to and I go very slowly so I am not the person for temps here. I also have a nice setup so I never worked on a chinese 2L, the other guys here are better for that.

Here ya go

man i hear you with the old material but i need this thing to work lol … im going to distill the distillate again and see what i get. i just need to get my microns below 100! i maybe used too much greese.

It wont

Waste of time


the material wasnt old when it was extracted but the oil was put down for maybe a year

This is an even worse situation imo. I agree with demon, continued distillation isn’t going to fix your problem. If you want those reds gone you need to do post-processing clean up like a flash column with magsil or a crc running pentane or hexane. If you’re dissolved in a nonpolar already why not throw a water wash in there. I doubt doing any kind of ethanol scrub would help here.


Rso also extracts lots of chlorophyll so you might only be able to do so much unless you wanna get serious about scrubbing it.

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will it be smoke able? i dnt see any green

Ya should be ive made alot of distilate from rso, color isn’t everything. Your microns are kinda high, try flushing your pump and see what it will pull with just the vac gauge on it

It may be smokable, but may be cbn vs thc at this point.

O2 are all bad

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so im thinking try get my vac below 100. use less heat and take my time?

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If your head temp keeps dropping like mine did, RUN far away! Dont keep trying to pull a unicorn out of the bf.

I wasted 40 hrs, 500 in cash for zero return. Only for me to hand the bf of crap back and 100g of utter BS useless garbage to biomass supplier aka my old buddy. And gladly told kick rocks and skip bish!

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what was the colour and consistency of the oil u got tht was distilled from the material ?

Please see the link to my thread. I still get pissed off thinking about it.

Detailed run and pics in there.

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Get that vacuum as close to the glass as you can. Once the hose is as short as you can, vacuum should improve.

Are you using a cold trap? make sure your cold trap is staying packed with dry ice, keep the terps it condenses on dry ice too. This will help keep your vacuum down a lot.

A little vacuum grease goes a long way, just grease the top 1/3rd of the glass and twist it till it makes a nice clear strip on the connection.

I would recommend putting the whole system together without anything in it and pulling a vacuum, If you are still getting high microns (above 300 or so) then you definitely have a leak.

The more pictures you post, the more we can help, feel free to post more.


What’s your pump read blanked off though?

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