Filtering hash from food oil

Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve got a ton of dry sift I need to do something with, but my first attempt with cheesecloth allowed too much through, and coffee filters were too restrictive.

Should I just use some rosin bags to put the sift in to infuse the oil, maybe press it out first? Shit’s messy

Ideally I’d like to do it without using a press, I’d like to decarb in a beaker, add the oil and filter out the solids

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felt filter bags and gravity or put it in a cls spool and push through with nitrogen.

An old set of bubble bags followed by the coffee filter🤙

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what are you trying to make? Is the oil hot to decarb? Felt bags are specifically to filter oil. Look at duda diesel

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trying to infuse butter, I’ve got 20-30 grams of dry sift to use. I lost a fair amount in my first attempts with cheesecloth/coffee filter

I’m decarbing in a jar and adding the oil, then trying to filter the whole mixture

polyester bags sounds similar to the rosin bags, everything seems to be pointing back towards those, 25/37u or so

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you just want the grittiness out huh.

I want the plant material out, yeah

You can get a buchner funnel and an aspirator.

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I used cheese cloth plenty of times. I usually triple wrap the top of Mason jar and rubber band the shit out of it

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Jelly bags or something similar might work alright. Something like this:
Buchner with a depth filter aid should work pretty well if you have a buchner and a vac pump.

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Never seen one of those, pretty similar in concept to rosin bags. I just wonder if the mesh size is fine enough

I used the filters for cleaning deep friers to filter out the solids when i would run kief to distillate. Not sure on the micron but it worked like a charm, but for that lil amount it’s probably not the best


I’ve used them plenty for infused butter and oil on a small scale. Never used with just kief, but it should be somewhere between a coffee filter and cheesecloth.

The stand fits on to the rim of a bowl or in a bowl, depending on the size of the bowl. After you’re done pouring through the bag and let it drain, you can twist it to get more oil out of the bag. Might want to twist it out over a different bowl.

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Just let the depleted kief settle to the bottom of your jar. Give it 24 hours to settle down then draw the butter up and out, leaving the puck of kief in the bottom. You can then strain it without all the mess with a ricer or other such thing. You’ll still have some sediment in the butter but you can then triple layer some cheesecloth, wet it in advance with some extra fresh melted butter or ghee and pour your infused oil through it. The pre-wet cloth keeps it from absorbing your good stuff and will latch onto more of those empty trichs. Just_Cuz_06 (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC)


I could probably pick a vessel that has a conical/narrower shape on the bottom to make it easier to cut off, that’s a clever idea though

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I’ve used steel gasket filters for this with good success. Used a filter plate with the plate welded flush to the ferrule as backing.


Of course you’d need to keep the butter liquid while it settled so it might not be a good idea after all. It works great with alcohol but I don’t have to worry about that solidifying before the trichs settle. dubitatif


I used coconut oil and just heated it on the stove before pouring it into a spool with the filter gasket at the bottom and pushed with 10 psi of nitrogen. I used a 25 micron screen and then a 5 micron.

I’m doing this at home, I don’t have any CLS parts or bottled nitrogen. I could probably get a vacuum assisted buchner funnel but that’s about it

Well then get u some boy

Have you tried washing it with hot water?

If you mix the oil with hot water a lot of the particulates will stay at the point where the oil and the water interface with each other.